Mercury Goes Direct in Taurus | Shadow Phase and Do's & Don'ts Guide

Mercury Goes Direct in Taurus | Shadow Phase and Do's & Don'ts Guide

Hooray! It’s been three weeks (since April 21st) that Mercury, planet of communication, has been dancing his backwards dance - but he's finally heading into direct motion in Taurus, on May 15th!

Before we get too excited, keep in mind that Mercury does have a period of what’s known as ‘shadow phase’ – otherwise known as ‘Retroshade’. This is the two weeks prior and post the actual retrograde. For two weeks, things may still feel a little wonky. So, hold back on rushing in to make those major decisions, in other words. Take your sweet Taurean time. After all, this is the sign best known for their patience. 

Of course, if you just can’t wait any longer, then go ahead and do your thing. Whilst it’s always wise to follow the guidance of the planets, we can’t live our lives in the waiting room. If you do have to agree to or sign anything, just ensure that all the fine details are checked and double-checked. This is especially applicable to anything financially-related, because that’s the dominion of Taurus. So, for example, if you have a rental agreement, a loan, a raise, a negotiation with a client or some other financial contract to deal with, then go over it all very carefully. Don’t put down your golden signature willy-nilly. 

Decisions relating to relationships are also important to ponder before committing.

Did you have an ex come back? Seeing as Taurus also rules relationships, being governed by Venus and all, it’s highly likely that someone from your past popped out of the woodwork. Does this mean. that you’re supposed to reunite? Hmmm, not necessarily. In fact, you should probably proceed with care, just like with any other choice you’re faced with at the moment. Sometimes, these ‘Retroshade” periods are the trickiest times, where there’s just too much chaos, too much dust being raised for us to see anything all that clearly. 


Of course, there is the argument that if it’s a past relationship, then it’s okay. We’re not sure we agree with that, unless some serious commitments are made. This week also has a restless feel to it, what with the Sun and Uranus meeting in a tight conjunction, also in Taurus. It seems as if our freedom and independence are far more important than uniting and merging with another. Or, perhaps it’s simply about finding that balance. Taurus does love stability, after all. But we do need to build some me-ness into the mix. So, long story short, if there’s an ex hovering around, make sure that there’s some sort of commitment, combined with freedom. Even then, be cautious. 

Fortunately, the first thing that Mercury does as he goes direct is sextile Saturn in Pisces. This lends focus, long-term thinking and a needed seriousness to any decision or conversation that you’re having. You're willing to put yourself out on a limb and be someone of your word. Because of this, you’ll earn respect, it for yourself and from others. Its’ also a perfect combination for taking any creative ideas you’ve had recently and putting them into tangible reality. Go, you. 

The next thing that Mercury does is conjunct Uranus, on June 4th.

Why are we mentioning it this week? Well, because the energy will already be felt pretty soon. This lends us an original, unique and progressive way of thinking. We’re willing to step out of that typical Taurean comfort zone and see things from a whole new perspective. Better yet, we are open to changing our minds. Because let’s face it, Taurus can be a little, well, inflexible. This Mercury retrograde may have had many of us getting stuck in a certain viewpoint, so this is a perfect alignment for a much-needed shift in thinking.


Finally, before this clever planet moves into one of his home signs of Gemini (That’s on June 11th), he sextiles dreamy Neptune. It’s a typical artist’s energy, so go ahead and unleash that side of yourself! Even if you’re not the one that’s creating, you can still enjoy the fruits of other people’s creations. With that in mind, put on your favorite play list. Play it over and over again. Dance around your living room. Try burlesque. Enjoy a book of poetry. Maybe try and write one yourself? Pick up an instrument and fiddle with it. Go and watch a live music show. Fingerpaint with your children. Buy an art piece that makes your heart sing. Get the drift? Once Mercury is full out of shadow, you’ll feel your mind becoming grounded again. You’ll enjoy all the practical thinking that Taurus brings. You’ll revel in the peace and calm of your thoughts. You’ll feel more than you think. Yay! 

Here’s a wrap-up of some dos and don’ts for this week:



 • Expand your material world. Ask for that raise. Create a passive income. Invest in that thing. Take on more work. There are so many ways you can celebrate the abundance of this transit. 

 • Luxuriate. Bath often. Buy that gorgeous piece of art. Visit the spa. Make a delicious meal and savor it, one bite at a time. Yum. 

 • Celebrate your relationships by committing to them. Be that person who shows up. You’ll respect yourself so much more for it. 

 • Enjoy this feeling of grounding, calm and stability. You absolutely deserve it. 



• Over-indulge. You don’t want a hangover, now do you? Avoid eating that extra piece of chocolate or downing that extra glass of wine. Your waistline – and bank account – will thank you for it. 

 Get lazy. You have to do some work to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you know. You can’t just wait around and expect luxury to fall into your lap. 

 Get stuck in a comfort zone. Create stability but stay open to change, too. After all, it is the only constant. 

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