Charmed Life: How the Moon Can Bring Positivity in Your Life

The Ancient Greeks believed that Selene was the goddess of the moon. The Ancient Romans also worshipped a female deity who they thought represented the particular celestial body. We, now, associate it with femininity.

Unlike the sun, the primary light source, the moon gives off a more subtle light. It gives gentle influence and passive knowledge, which is the principal characteristic of lunar astrology. Many believe that the insights passively come to us and are not actively searched for.  

The moon strongly emphasizes the emotions and ebb and flow of the tides. It has a strong influence on emotions making it essential in astrology and the study of human behavior. Kindly read this article to understand better how lunar astrology can impact your life.

What It Represents?

The moon portrays motherhood, home, domestic life, the unconscious, and the past, but it also represents the child in each of us. It symbolizes the subconscious and the hidden self.

This celestial body represents the feminine principle in astrology. This energy is receptive and passive, an object of external influences. The moon is the great ruler of all water signs and the other signs strongly connected to the element and the planet.

Why Is the Crescent Moon Significant?

The crescent moon represents the waning moon and the waxing moon phases. The former inspires us to focus on removing the negative energy in our lives while the latter brings positivity. 

These phases create balance in our life. When the moon is in a waxing phase, it indicates a time of positive equilibrium, while the waning phase is a time to reap the benefits of our positive actions.

One of the most significant features of a crescent moon symbolizes magical powers, mystery, and feminine energy. There is a universal belief that the crescent moon is a feminine symbol, which is why women use it.      

Why Use a Lunar Talisman?

The lunar talisman provides daily inspiration and passive guidance. The energy from the moon is one of the most important spirits in the astrological realm. 

A lunar talisman is often used to tap into one's psychic abilities. It is also used to enhance all relationships, especially romantic relationships, and can protect against negativity and ward off evil.

Lunar talismans are potent, especially when made in a ritualistic manner. This charm can help you manifest whatever you want the most. It doesn't necessarily mean that you will get instant results. 

The lunar talisman should be placed under the full moon while chanting a spell. It is also essential to put pure and salt water in a bowl. A few drops of pure essential oils found in aromatherapy stores can also be added to the water.


The lunar talisman should be treated with care because the moon holds much power. The energy that it brings can be very transformative.

When the lunar talisman is not in use, it should be placed in a safe and sacred place. This charm is very effective at bringing positive and negative energies. If used regularly, they can bring positive energies and blessings to the user.

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