The Different Myths about Astrology You Should Stop Believing

Some people say that our future is written in the stars, while others tend to lean towards it being helmed by the other celestial bodies above. The thing is, there are countless opinions about astrology nowadays that people often get confused and end up believing myths instead of viable explanations.

If you want to avoid falling for these myths, you must take note of the following examples below.

1. Astrology is a Pseudoscience

The pseudoscience myth about astrology is pretty common, but it's also the most frustrating myth you should know. Essentially, most astrologists will tell you that astrology is a science with a focus on how the stars and the universe affect us.

So, when you hear astrology is pseudoscience, you should correct the person and let them know that it's just as legitimate as astronomy or even biology.

2. Astrology is Superstitious

A lot of people believe astrology is a form of religion that features invocations to the stars. However, the reality is that it's a science and a discipline. The practitioners of astrology are experts in their field, and they have studied the stars and the universe in depth. Instead of referring to the stars as gods and the heavens as gods, they have a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

3. Astrology is a Pseudoreligion

Pseudoreligion means that astrology is somehow linked to real religions in the world, but the reality is that it isn't. Astrology doesn't have rituals or practices exactly like a religion. Instead, it is based on a person's beliefs and their own outlook of the cosmos. Astrologists don't pray or worship the stars, and neither do they have any figureheads or any animal imagery that you can use for your rituals.

4. Astrology is About Predicting the Future

Astrology isn't all about predicting the future, even if some people think otherwise. However, it's not entirely wrong because some astrologists are interested in your future, and they use their knowledge to give you a glimpse of your destiny. But aside from that, they can also help you with the past and the present, especially if they want to give you a better understanding of your life and its ups and downs.

5. Astrology Is Nothing but a Trivial Pastime

Some people think that astrology is just a hobby for some overly superstitious people. These people aren't right, though, since astrology is an established discipline, and it always has been since ancient times. There are even scientific studies that prove astrology as legitimate science.

6. Astrology Is Only About Your Zodiac Sign

People just assume that astrology only focuses on the Zodiac signs. The reality is that there's a lot more to astrology than the idea of your astrological sign. This is because you might have other planetary influences that can affect you as well. In fact, you might have several planetary alignments, and this means you can have several different astrological signs, so you shouldn't limit your horoscope reading to just one Zodiac.


Astrology is a complex science, but it has been around for a long time, and it has withstood the test of time. Some people think it's just a pseudoscience, while others believe it's a pseudoreligion. Still, there are only a few people who think astrology is nothing but a trivial pastime.

Whatever the misconceptions are, be sure to avoid believing them, and you will have a clearer picture of what it is all about.

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