Manifest with this Grand Trine | 11 - 17 September 2023

Manifest with this Grand Trine | 11 - 17 September 2023

On the very same day that Mercury (finally!) goes direct, we have a lovely New Moon in productive, service-oriented Virgo. This is an especially gifted New Moon. You see, it forms what’s known as a ‘grand trine’ aspect between four of the planets. What’s that? 

A Grand Trine is a pattern that gets created by three planets. In this case, four, because the Sun and Moon are conjunct (together). As the name suggests, it’s a triangle pattern which represents flow, harmony and ease. Grand Trines are cosmic presents. They're Opportunities from the Universe - free opportunities. There’s no catch. Yet, the fact that there's no catch is, in itself, a catch. Often, the Grand Trine is so easeful, so flowing, that we may completely miss the chances that are being presented to us. We take them for granted. We become complacent, even lazy. 

So how do we avoid that and make the very best use of what this is? Well firstly, we simply take notice. We become mindful of where in our own lives there’s a sense of flow and ease. We take action based on this flow and tap into it. We jump into the river and go with it. We take advantage of whatever’s going on. 


Yet at the same time, think also of what will best serve others, too.

Virgo loves to be helpful. To be useful. Shape your intentions around this idea, and you'll find that things fall into place effortlessly, with the help of this Trine. Be sure to accept major changes, too. Be prepared to evolve - or dissolve. Be prepared to surrender, to let go of control, to allow your plans (very much a Virgo word) - to shift as the months go by. Uranian energy doesn't allow things to get stuck to become a comfort zone, after all. 



Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 11 - 17 September 2023



There’s a whole bunch of energy gathering in your work sector this week. Not only do you have a New Moon here, but Mercury also goes direct in this area. This means that it’s all systems go, so make sure that you take full advantage of the cosmic energies available. At the same time, ensure that you are managing your resources mindfully. Don’t let a single penny go to waste right now, however tempting it is to be oh-so indulgent. 



Look as you go this week! You seem to have a multitude of unusual creative ideas at your fingertips at the moment. And, not only do you have these ideas, but you also seem to have the get-up-and-go to make these ideas a reality. These next several months are likely to be very telling in terms of your progress. The heavens are poised to help you, so take full advantage. There's just one catch - you need to be careful that family issues won't hold you back. Be generous and kind, but have boundaries, too. 



Your ruler, Mercury, is finally moving direct - hip, hip hooray! In your domestic sector, this is all about family issues finally becoming less problematic and troublesome. Maybe you’ve been dealing with crossed words, misunderstandings, arguments and just general all-round confusion. Mercury is still in his shadow phase, so it’s not going to be perfectly smooth sailing, but at least it's a start. You’ll also be able to make some wise decisions regarding a move, relocation, refurbishment or something else along these lines in the next several months. 



This New Moon is what’s known as a ‘double whammy’ of energy for you. Unfolding in your communication zone, it’s also one of the signs ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. And, what’s more, Mercury is also going direct in this area of your chart, which helps to smooth out any and all misunderstandings from this point onwards. It’ll also be that much easier to make clear and concise decisions, at long last. Sure, there's still a smidgeon of confusion, but only if you allow others to influence you too much. 


LEO ♌︎

This week is all business, baby. With Mercury going direct in your financial sector, along with a New Moon here and your ruler, the Sun, casting a trine aspect to Uranus, you’ve got about a million things going for you right now. It’s time to make some solid financial plans for the future, and as you do so, to be extra-mindful of the potential pitfalls of taking the advice of others. In fact the encouragement right now is to be as independent and possible and trust no one. You are more than smart enough to do this by yourself. 


The cosmic weather is almost solely focussed on you this week. A New Moon in your very own sign, combined with your ruler, Mercury, going direct - well - it’s a recipe for success. Now, the thing is, you need to be extra mindful of allowing other people to speak into your life and make decisions on your behalf. You have so much going for you this week, especially creatively, that you can’t afford to drop the ball. They may have the best intentions, but in the end, your path is your path, Stick to it. 



Your ruler, Venus, is making one last, final pass to planet Jupiter this week . She’s already made two of the same squares to him over the last several weeks, indicating how important it is that you scale back and be mindful of indulgence. Indulgence can mean a few different things. Maybe it’s financial. Maybe it’s being lazy with your time. Maybe it’s a case of trying to get away with the minimum of work. Whatever it is, try and learn your lesson now. 



Set goals this week. There are a million cosmic opportunities drifting around you at the moment, and all you need to do is reach out and take advantage of them. Setting goals for the next several months will motivate and push you, and there’s nothing you like more than a good push, right? The one thing that you’ll need to build into your goals and dimensions is being sure to balance your passions with the intention to make money. It may be tough to have both so keep that in mind. Stay as realistic and grounded as possible - it’s important. 



If you’re career-oriented, then this week offers a smorgasbord of amazing opportunities. The next several months look promising, if you set your sails just right. Luckily, decision-making is back on your side, what with Mercury finally moving directly in this sector of your natal chart. The last few weeks have probably been a little challenge, to say the least. maybe you’ve had to deal with a backlog, or perhaps it’s a case of facing a crossroads and not being entirely sure of which direction you’d like to go in. Now, things are finally starting to clear up. 



All the cosmic energy this week is in your fellow earth signs, making this a week for absolute manifestation on every level. You have not only creativity on your side but also, the power of innovation, originality, and most of all excitement. It’s a wonderful feeling to be so inspired by a goal, vision, passion or hobby, isn’t it? Maybe there’s even a chance that you could teach or mentor your passion in the coming months. Anything is possible. 



This week is all money, money, money, honey! It’s about sharing and caring, so make that your motto. Any material decision you have to make, make them with someone, be it a sweetheart business partner or financial advisor. The last few weeks have been all a muddle, to be sure, but the cosmic weather is finally clearing a path for you to start thinking straight again. With that all said, do make sure you aren’t being overly generous or extending your boundaries further than what is necessary. Otherwise, you may come to regret your actions. 



Neptune, your modern ruler, is casting a fuzzy opposition to the New Moon in your relationship sector this week. Now, this may bode well for a soulmate-like relationship, but at the same time, it also indicates that you could fall under a delusion all too easily. Don’t project a fantasy onto a person or situation. Stay grounded,  stay realistic. You’ll be incredibly glad that you did. This way, you’ll give any new or existing relationship the chance to flourish and grow without the shadow of disappointment. 




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