New Moon in Virgo Ritual ♍

New Moon in Virgo Ritual ♍

New Moons are always about new beginnings, right?


Right! This New Moon in Virgo has a huge amount of energy behind it, but if we don't harness it properly, we could suffer from feelings of anger, self-criticism, and inner tension. Thus, our ritual is all about learning to name negative beliefs and understand the thoughts that might be holding us back. We can then use this tension to accomplish our goals and grow instead of shrink away from a challenge. Let’s get started:


Here’s what you’ll need for this ritual: 

 A few pieces of colored paper
• Bright colored markers
 Green candles
 Essential oils in a burner or incense of your choice 
 Paul santo wood
 A fireproof container & matches
 Background meditation music 

      Step One: 

      As always, set up your ritual space. Have something comfortable to sit on such as a fluffy blanket or soft cushion. Light the candles, and lay your ritual items out for easy access. Take your Palo Santo stick and light it, walking around the room and cleansing it to clear old energy out and make space for the new. Then, light your candles and incense/essential oil in a burner.  

      Step Two: 

      Get comfortable and begin by taking a few deep breaths in through the nose, holding for a few seconds, and then breathing out the mouth. This will help to calm any anxiety, anger, irritability or tension that you may be feeling. With Mars in a strong aspect to this New Moon, it’s easy to lose your cool, and breathwork helps to bring you back to your center. 

      Step Three: 

      Grab your paper and scissors. Cut a couple of smallish pieces, enough to fit one to five words on it. Make at last ten slips of paper. Now for the fun part: write down, on each slip, a negative or self-defeating belief you have. It can be something like “I’m not worthy”, or “I always fail” or anything like that. 

      On the other slips, write down the goals you’d like to achieve in the next few months. The goals that you’re scared you can’t achieve are especially important to write down. 

      Step Four: 

      Now, you’re going to systematically burn these negative beliefs and thoughts in a very literal way, which will help shift your subconscious mind. Take the slips of paper with the negative thoughts and ideas on them, and burn them one by one, telling yourself that instead of letting these hold you back, you’re using them as fire to get going with your dreams. That you’re not prepared to surrender your goals. That, despite your fear, you’re going to go for it anyway. 

      Step Five: 

      This ritual cleansing of your ‘neurosis’ can be a great step towards creating a healthier, happier life for yourself. Trust that success is built on a bridge of mistakes, so, no matter what you do or fail to do, you’ll still move forward. Your last steps are to take the ashes of these slips and blow them to the wind, whilst simultaneously planting your slips with your written-down goals in the ground, perhaps with some seeds or nearby to a lush plant so that they can take root and grow.


        Margarita Celeste 
        A passionate, practicing Astrology Teacher and Consultant
        living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has a special
       interest in Jungian based, Psychological Astrology, which emphasizes self-knowledge and individual growth. 
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