Scorpio Season 2020 – your ultimate guide!

Scorpio Season 2020 – your ultimate guide!

By Margarita Celeste

Are you ready for Scorpio Season? Are we ever ready? This time of year is one of the deepest, most interesting dives into the netherworld. Coming from the sunshiny – everything-is-perfect Libra Season, we are more than ready for things to get nitty-gritty and dramatic!

So, from 24th October until 23rd November, be prepared for a little bit of transformation!

What’s Scorpio All About?

What most people don’t know about the mysterious, much-feared sign of Scorpio is that, next to Libra, they are one of the main signs associated with relationships. Except, they’re not about the pretty, fluffy, sweet side of love.

No, Scorpio is all about the depth of true intimacy, getting to know the shadows in yourself and your lover, about learning to wield power and control, and about, well, sexuality, to be blunt.

There tricky topics are just a taster of some of the themes we can experience over Scorpio season. Other themes we will look at are around death/rebirth, transformation, drama, change, crisis, depth and insanity.


How Can You Tap into the Scorpio Vibes?

These are a couple of tips on what Scorpio is all about – tools to help you make the most of this intense, transforming and powerful energy:

  • Mars and Pluto co-rule the sign of Scorpio – these are the planets of war, desire, passion, power and conflict. They’re about pure lust, so this is a season to go to there and get what you want, to not be afraid of stepping on others’ toes, and to be, well, an lil’ selfish.
  • Red is the main color of Mars and Pluto. Wearing red will make you feel powerful, sexy, and desirable, so find the most show-stopping red you have and wear it with confidence!
  • The smells associated with Scorpio are the sultry sexy, exotic smells like black pepper, cinnamon and other heady spices that invite a sense of mystery and intensity!

Do’s & Don’t for Scorpio Season 2020

As with all Sun-Seasons, it can be ever so useful to brave a handy roadmap to help you navigate these few weeks of Scorpio. And, as always, it’s an enhancement, a general guide rather than absolute law. Astrology is always there to help you make the best choices in life, rather than make your choices for you!

These are some do’s and don’ts for Scorpio Season:


  • Celebrate your Power! Power is sexy, power is desirable, power feels good. Power has been associated with negative connotations for so long but when you hold it just right – not over anyone else or anteing else – it’s great. Own your power, empower yourself!
  • Drop into therapy or other transportive techniques. Scorpio season asks you to take power back, and that can be best done in a therapeutic environment, which invites transformation.
  • Make friends with you inner monsters. Are you jealous? Obsessive? Power hungry? Manipulative? Dramatic? We all have “bad” qualities that we tend to hide in the shadows, acting like the good child. It’s inauthentic. Instead, own your shadows, and be oaky it them. This will make sure your flaws don’t own you!
  • Deal with your trauma. But not get obsessed with it. Trauma happens to everyone, and healthy to know what got you here. But don’t let it rule your life and make you into the eternal victim.
  • Go deep with your lover. Don’t be scared of what you’ll – see – let yourself be totally seen. Intimacy stands for into-me-I-see. So, take that deep breath and jump in – it can only hold connection for you, and if not, good riddance!
  • Get sexy. Scorpio is the sign of sexual passion after all! This is the type for no-holds barred, so don’t be scared to show your more, ahem, dark side. If that means ropes and chains, just go for it!


  • Allow your obsessions to rule you. Scorpio Ibis, admittedly, an obsessive and intense sign, rune to going down the rabbit hole. Watch yourself.
  • Drown in drama. Spiro, as a water sign, is naturally emotional. However, it’s also a controlled sign, which means that you often don’t get to see the drama. But, when you do, it’s immense. Overwhelming. All-encompassing. Don’t drown in it.
  • Get into power struggles. Whether with your boss, lover, friend or family member, it’s just not worth it. Walk away, disengage, or offer to work as a team. Only when you stop coming at each other form opposite sides, will you be able to din peace.
  • Hold a grudge. It’s time to let it go, because all grudges do is poison you for the inside. Let. It. Go.
  • Punish people with your anger, silence or hurt. It’s just not healthy – instead look for non-tonic ways to connect emotionally, and dive deep with a friend, lover or anyone else.
  • Allow your fear of being abandoned to rule your life. You’ve got to open sometime, darling, or else you’re just going to miss out on life.


In closing

Scorpio Season is a time where we get deep, dark and sexy! It’s a time of potential drama, but also of transformation –if we allow changes to happen. It’s easy to hold on too tightly over Scorpio season, and refuse to let go, to surrender – but that’s where the greatest inner changes happen!

This is a time to get close and intimate with your lover, to open up and make friends with your inner world and deal with your traumas. It’s a fantastic time for therapy and for any kinds of healing modalities, opening up the door to true empowerment!

Although it’s tempting to get lost in obsessions and power games, try to resist. Instead own your own power without needing to take it from anyone else! Control only yourself, and the rest will fall into place!

This season, be open to the death/rebirth experience, and be open to learning something new about yourself and others. Find peace by being near water and processing strong emotions, especially related to the past and any unhealed traumas. 

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