Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold Jewelry- Considerations Before Wearing

One of the oldest questions when it comes to fashion actually seems rather simple. Which is the better choice for jewelry: silver, gold, or rose gold? For the most part, people are told to wear whatever they want. However, there's actually a color that would suit you best. In this article, we're going to explore the factors that can help you figure that out.

Read on for things to consider between wearing different finishes on jewelry:


The key here is for the jewelry you choose to end up complementing your makeup. You don't want them to overpower each other one way or the other. Statement pieces that are chunky are best with muted, simple makeup looks. Jewelry that's understated is best with a bold makeup look. Colors that are warm and rich are best with gold jewelry; on the other hand, cool, icy colors go best with silver. Rose gold jewelry looks best with neutral colors like navy, white, black, beige, and cream. It can also work with deep blue or even a dark green, but definitely avoid warm tones from red to yellow as this brings out the wrong colors in the jewelry.

When the makeup in question is metallic, match it accordingly but be sure the jewelry is simple in order not to have an intense look.

Skin Tone/Undertone

Making fashion choices based on skin tone is not new advice, largely because it does play a role either way. The same applies even when the conversation turns to jewelry. Are you the kind of person whose skin's undertones are warm? Gold jewelry is what you're looking for. Subsequently, if you have cool undertones to your skin, it's silver jewelry you're looking for. Rose gold can look great with both warm and cool skin tones alike, suiting those with olive and pink undertones to perfection.

Skin tone or undertone isn't something people are entirely familiar with unless they're into makeup since that relies a lot on being familiar with the undertones of the skin. Thankfully, figuring out whether you're "cool" or "warm" is as easy as looking at your wrist's veins. Green-looking veins mean a warm skin tone; blue-looking veins mean a cool one; neither would mean olive/pink undertones.

If a person's skin undertone is warm, they'll tan well; cool ones are more likely to burn instead.

Darker Skin

Needless to say, people with darker complexions will not have success figuring out undertones by checking their veins. If you're one of them, no worries: just create contrast, then see what colors appear as a result! Stand in front of a white background, then look in a mirror.

See which colors are apparent in front of the white background. Do you see more tan or ash? That means your undertones are cool. Do you see warmer brown or red? Then your undertones are warm. It's that easy!

You can also use your clothes: earth-like greens, oranges, and bold reds go well with warm skin 
tones. If your wardrobe plays around cool reds and blues more, then your skin tone is more on the cool side.

Cool skin tones go best with white gold, platinum, and sterling silver; warm skin tones go best with rose gold and yellow gold.


Deciding whether to wear rose gold, gold, or silver jewelry can be tricky, but there are some factors that can help. Skin tones and undertones can be a deciding factor, as well as makeup. Generally, silver is best for cooler tones, while gold does well with warmer tones.

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