The Interesting Legends Surrounding Each Zodiac Sign

The Interesting Legends Surrounding Each Zodiac Sign

There are exciting legends behind each zodiac sign. You might be surprised at what you’ll find out about the interesting stuff connected to or make up your star sign. So when you’re ready to find out the interesting bit about your and the other zodiac signs, read them below:

  • The Legend of Aries

Legend says that Zeus gifted a golden ram to Nephele, the first wife of the King of Cronos. It served as a protector to her two children, Phrixus and Helle. However, Helle, the girl, fell to her death from the ram’s back as the latter flew her and her brother, Phrixus, to safety.

Phrixus avenged his sister’s death by sacrificing the golden ram and hanging its fleece in Colchis. Zeus later put the ram’s likeness in the heavens.

  • The Legend of Taurus

Myth claims that Zeus fell in love with Europa when she was playing by the seashore. He transformed himself into a beautiful white bull out of shyness to approach her.

Fascinated with the bull, Europa was swept away back into the sea. Still, Zeus took her as his lover and placed the bull in the heavens as a symbol of love, beauty, and strength.

  • The Legend of Gemini

This refers to the tale of the inseparable warrior brothers, Castor and Pollux. When the mortal brother, Castor, died in battle, his twin, Pollux, asked their father, Zeus, to let him die as well despite being divine. Touched by the brotherly love, Zeus reunited them and set their divine souls in the stars.

  • The Legend of Cancer

This was born from Hera’s hatred for Hercules for being Zeus’ illegitimate son. Due to her envy of his husband’s numerous infidelities, she sent a giant crab to kill his son. But Hercules killed the crab, and in turn, Hera put the crab’s image in the heavens in honor of its service.

  • The Legend of Leo

Legend says that Hercules was ordered to complete twelve near-impossible feats, with the first killing the Nemean Lion. He accomplished this task with his bare hands, and the spirit of the Lion was then placed among the stars.

  • The Legend of Virgo

This legend begins with Pandora's box and the destruction it brought about. When demons were unleashed to torture humanity, mortals departed for the heavens. It is believed that Astraea, daughter of Zeus and goddess of virtue, remains in the heavens, hoping to return to earth.

  • The Legend of Libra

The scales of justice are symbolic of the Greek pantheon goddess Dike, who was known for her fair judgment. Another legend, however, recounts the Egyptian underworld god Anubis, who weighed the souls of the dead and decided whether to send them to the heavens or to the underworld.

  • The Legend of Scorpio

When Orion incurred the wrath of Artemis for his impertinence, he met his death from the mighty sting of a giant scorpion sent by the goddess. Artemis then placed the image of the scorpion in the heavens for doing her bidding.

  • The Legend of Sagittarius

This tale recounts the heroic figure of Chiron, a kind and gentle centaur. When Hercules accidentally shot at him with a poisonous arrow, his agony was too unbearable yet he couldn’t die out of immortality. Prometheus and Titan took pity on him and made him mortal to end his suffering. Zeus then gave him a resting place in the heavens.

  • The Legend of Capricorn

The Capricorn’s sea goat and fishtail is believed to be from the image of a Babylonian deity, not a Greek god or goddess.

  • The Legend of Aquarius

Legend recounts the story of Ganymede, a young prince admired by gods and mortals for his appearance. Zeus brought him up to Olympus as his official cupbearer and forever honored him by giving him an eternal place in the heavens.

  • The Legend of Pisces

When Aphrodite and her son Eros were under attack by the evil creature Typhone, they disguised themselves as fish. To honor the kindness and express gratitude to the twin fish who lent them their form, Aphrodite placed their image in the stars.


These little tales and legends hold unique magic that you can recall to mind the next time you think about the Zodiac signs or even astrology. It might even instill a sense of pride, knowing the beauty and heroic deeds behind each sign!

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