The Lights In Your Synastry Chart - Sun & Moon

The Lights In Your Synastry Chart - Sun & Moon

Synastry is the Astrology of love and relationships, it’s an ultra-powerful and practical tool to help you explore your special connections, and develop an understanding of those with whom you relate. Every human relationship has a certain dynamic and some of its traits can be explained by the alignment, or misalignment, of its combined planets. If we are all cosmic dust, we might as well uncover how our stars are talking to each other. 

Two very important celestial bodies deserve some special attention when we’re analyzing our synastry chart. What astrologers call “The Lights” makes reference to the ever-shining Sun and the reflective Moon. The Sun will illuminate the highest expression of your true self and the way you experience life, who you are and what you desire to be. The Moon will reflect your feelings, your watery body, how you emotionally respond to situations, your gut reactions.

The Lights will clarify who you are as your external self and as your internal self. Interpreting the position of the Sun in your synastry chart can elucidate aspects of your relationships and how you relate to the world, while the Moon sign helps you understand what makes you feel safe and mothered. Both are key elements of your personal and relational development. 


The Sun is the center of our solar system and is the vitalizing force that sustains all life. In Astrology, it represents our sense of self and individuality, our core values, and identity. In Synastry Astrology, the Sun is one of the most important “planets” to analyze when it comes to understanding the relationship between two people.  It can be used to gauge the strength of the relationship between two people and how they can help each other reach their fullest potential.

The Sun can also be used to explore the differences between the two people’s personalities. As the Sun’s sign and house placement can reveal a lot about an individual’s identity, comparing these placements between two people can show where the similarities and differences in their personalities lie. This can be helpful in understanding how the two individuals interact and can work together to build a strong relationship.

The Sun’s aspects to the other planets in another person’s birth chart can reveal much about the various areas of a relationship, such as communication style, love languages, sexual compatibility, and pursuit of life goals.  By analyzing the Sun’s placements in each person’s natal chart, couples can gain a deeper understanding of their relationship dynamics and work together to create a strong and lasting bond.


The Moon is one of the most important astrological influences in the birth chart. It represents our emotional responses, needs, and desires, and helps to define our emotional development and stability. It is also said to be the most personal “planet” and often reflects our innermost feelings and deepest needs.

In synastry astrology, the Moon is thought to be an indicator of emotional compatibility between two people. The Moon’s sign and house placement in each of the individual’s birth charts can be used to assess how comfortable each person would be in a relationship with the other. Generally, signs that are compatible with each other’s Moon placement signify a strong emotional bond between the two people. When the Moon’s placement in one person’s chart is not in harmony with the other’s, it can indicate potential difficulties or misunderstandings in the relationship. The Moon is also thought to represent the nurturing and caring aspects of a relationship, and its placement can be used to gauge how well each person can fulfill the other’s emotional needs.  

The placement of the Moon in both individuals’ birth charts can provide important clues about the nature of the bond between them and how it will evolve over time.  By looking at the Moon’s aspects to other planets in the birth chart, it can help to determine how the two people may react in stressful situations and how well they can support each other.  Depending on its aspects to the other planets in the birth chart, the Moon can also provide clues about the couple’s relationship needs, such as security, intimacy, and emotional stability. By looking at the Moon’s placements, it can be seen if the relationship can be a safe haven for both individuals or if it needs further nurturing.


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