The Ruler and the Rebel: Saturn and Uranus in Same House

The Ruler and the Rebel: Saturn and Uranus in Same House

By Julie Ann Fae

Let’s chat major outer planets in the same house. People with the astrological placement of Saturn and Uranus in the same house (yours truly) are often left to feel that that area of their life is like:

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See, Saturn represents authority, restriction, and rules. He is like the strict parental figure, the strict teacher, or the nagging librarian. He sets the rules of when to go, when to stay, what books to touch, what books to leave behind, what books you can't check out...all the things.

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But, Uranus (pronounced "your-un-us" or "urine-us" if you prefer...what can I say it is a weird planet haha) is the cosmic weirdo. He is actually Saturn's Daddy. He lets Saturn rule the Earth, when in fact he rules the heavens above the Earth. When we on Earth think there isn't a way, Uranus breaks the mold and CREATES a way. Uranus innovates, it electrifies, and it invigorates with outside the box experiences, ideals, and off the beaten path avenues. It literally defies rules and thrives in disruption (for a higher good purpose). Its approach to work and rules is quirky and now you see it, now you don’t.

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The gifts that Uranus provides, though, are the access to more innovative fields like technology and things related to electricity, space, or the heavens (astrology). Elusive to some, it is ever evolving, intricate, complex and exciting to those who are involved in it. With its willingness to try something different, Uranus has that “genius” quality to it.

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However, it can be very stressful trying to balance Saturnian Uranian forces when they land in the same house in your astrology chart. It is like structure : unstructure, rule breaking: rule making, rebelling: following the status quo, and on and on…

When these two planets are close enough in orb that they are conjunct each other (whether natally or in transit), it becomes even more magnified; a sort of cosmic building : unbuilding of forces.

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Take myself for example. I have these two planets in both my 2nd house. They are both in Sagittarius and within a far orb to not necessarily conjunct but close enough to be neighbors on the same block. I have Saturn in Sagittarius at 14 degrees, and Uranus in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. The 2nd house is the house of self made wealth, earthly pleasures, and money/housing/assets. It is Taurus ruled.

Saturn alone in the 2nd house can create restrictions, delays, frustrations, redos, and holding back of assets until certain lessons are learned. Then, it can all be integrated more fully and deeply. Uranus here (a natural astrologer placement too by the way) brings rebellion to the traditional norms of work. It is the money maverick quality, the rise above quality, the innovator, the technology maker. Interestingly enough, my Uranus is also exactly conjunct the asteroid Ceres (unconditional love), so when it comes to technology and astrology I do absolutely love it. Other positive qualities of Uranus are invention, servicing equal access in society, the sciences (I was a biology major!) and spiritual sciences (astrology and metaphysics).

The medicine I offer is to accept that BOTH are part of you. To encourage yourself that it's ok to be different, its ok that my work takes on a different look, flavor, set of behaviors and habits.

Affirmations you might work with are:

“I celebrate being different.”

“My perfect work finds me now.”

“I embrace change.”

“I allow myself to balance structure and unstructure.”

“I create and I innovate.”

There is a reason that Aquarius follows after Capricorn season. After we have put all these strict orders into the universe, worked hard at them, and made a plan for the long, long term with a critical eye, we then need to open ourselves up to community, friendship, collaboration, and new ideas. We need to accept that perhaps some of your original plans need to be reworked. Perhaps there is a different way...a better way.

Although we will not encounter Saturn and Uranus in the same sign for quite some time in the astrological transits, we will be encountering Saturn with Jupiter, a somewhat more regular transit to occur (as far as outer planets go).

Saturn with Jupiter is more in the regard of expansion vs. constriction. Saturn likes to put up walls, restructure, redo, work hard, work harder, and Jupiter likes to play, explore, expand, grow, and journey. In the year of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will both conjunct in the sign of Aquarius right at the time of the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st (or Summer Solstice if you are in the Southern hemisphere). This will happen right at 0 degrees when Saturn permanently moves into Aquarius and Jupiter too. It will certainly help kick off 2021 with a much different flair and flavor than what 2020 is going to be. 

The major players of this year in terms of outer planet conjunctions are Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These two are making a cosmic tango multiple times in 2020, with the first of which occurring right at the time I am writing this for you! The best way to understand this is that Pluto is like a jackhammer to the street, and Saturn is the construction manager for the street rebuild plan. One is breaking apart and shattering old systems, getting to its deepest underpinnings to expose and transform it (Pluto), and the other is restructuring that land, building upon it, and clearing away to make anew. They’re both intense planets in and of themselves and we all will be feeling big changes on both a personal and global scale as we integrate these energies. Just when we can’t take anymore of this cosmic Capricorn commotion, Aquarius will sweep in and we will be looking with relief at its energies like…

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Astrology is a great resource for understanding oneself and practicing self-awareness. If you are seeking to know yourself deeper, craving the hidden wisdoms astrology can provide, and make feel better knowings to self love, check out Julie Ann Fae on her website at for scheduling a reading. You can email contact her at  Also,  find all her latest magical links here! 

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