This Holiday, Don't Gift Based on the Sun Sign!

This Holiday, Don't Gift Based on the Sun Sign!

...Gift based on the Venus Sign instead! ♀



Venus is the planet of values and rules what we take pleasure in, so it will show you what someone actually appreciates. If you get something that resonates with someone's Venus sign, they're more likely to enjoy it!


If their natal Venus is a retrograde thought, try to stick to their Moon – it rules our emotions!



♈︎ Aries Venus

This Venus sign would love anything that allows them to be active, so a gym membership, bicycle, or sporting equipment could work.  


♉︎ Taurus Venus

This Venus sign loves comfort and indulgence, so you can’t go wrong with food, spa gifts, musical gifts or anything that engages their senses in a fabulous way.


♊︎ Gemini Venus

This Venus sign is the sign of the mind. Find out their favorite author or genre and get them some books or a gift card to a bookstore - they also appreciate gadgetry! 


♋︎ Cancer Venus

This Venus sign loves the home and they’re also sentimental, so surprise them with something meaninful that they can use to spruce up their home, like a framed photo, a vase or a unique wall art, such as their personal Birth Chart Poster!


♌︎ Leo Venus

This Venus sign loves luxury and drama, so give them tickets to a play or musical, a night out at a nice restaurant, or a hyper-personalized gift like a Birth Chart Talisman in Gold with an engraved message!


♍︎ Virgo Venus

This Venus sign appreciate gifts that will serve a purpose in their life. Get them something for the office, for their desk or even a kitchen appliance can work.


♎︎ Libra Venus

This Venus sign has great taste, so whatever you get them should be classy and stylish. Some designer clothes or a unique jewelry as a Birth Chart Bracelet will be memorable. They also love music, so get them concert tickets or take them to the symphony.


♏︎ Scorpio Venus

This Venus sign loves a good mystery, so try giving them something that will allow them to solve a puzzle! If this is your romantic partner, feel free to get something for the bedroom.


♐︎ Sagittarius Venus

This Venus sign loves adventure, so give them an experience. Trips in particular are something they’ll enjoy, even if it’s just to the town next door, as long as they have some sort of new, fun experience.


♑︎ Capricorn Venus

This Venus sign appreciates things that are classic, not necessarily trendy. They adore antiques, something with history, so go vintage. It could be an old vinyl record, a briefcase or a beautiful Lunar Talisman


♒︎ Aquarius Venus

This Venus sign loves to learn, so give them the ability to pick up something new - a course on a foreign language, piano lessons or a book full of their maps that can help them uncover more about themselves and astrology as a whole.


♓︎ Pisces Venus

This Venus sign has an artistic side and active imagination, so get them a book of poetry, a painting, or musical instrument. If this is your romantic partner, feel free to be as sappy-romantic as you can be - how about decoding the cosmic connection of your charts with a Synastry Talisman?


If you’re curious to find out someone's Venus sign, you can calculate it here - it is as easy as entering their birth date and location!




  Margarita Celeste 
  A passionate, practicing Astrology Teacher and Consultant
  living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has a special
 interest in Jungian based, Psychological Astrology, which emphasizes self-knowledge and individual growth. 
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