Thrive During the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2021!

Thrive During the Last Mercury Retrograde of 2021!

This is the third and final Mercury retrograde fore the year, ending a series of Mercury retrogrades in air signs for 2021. Are you ready?

In Libra, it’s all about – you guessed it – relationships.

It’s time to step back, process and use all the “re” words – reflect, review, reconnect, re-negotiate and so on.

👍 DO:

Realize that communication in your relationships it’s not going to go according to plan. Things will go topsy-turvy as they always do over Mercury retrograde. Keeping this in mind, you can approach with care and consideration.

Reflect on your relationships – romantic or otherwise – and make a few notes of what you think needs to change, once Mercury is direct again. Don’t try and action anything now – even if you break up, it’s usually temporary.

👎 DON’T:

Give into your ex – unless there’s a really good chance you can work things out. Exes pop up all over the show during Mercury retrograde, usually because closure is needed or a lesson has to be learnt.

Make major decisions, unless you really have to. Try and wait until these tricky three weeks have passed by.

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