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Understanding the Planet Saturn According to Astrology - Part 2

In the first part of this article, you learned about the planet Saturn falling in the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Now, you get to understand the remaining zodiac signs and what it means to have Saturn in your sign.

If you still don’t know your Saturn sign, all you have to do is visit an astrology website (or that can calculate your birth chart and input your exact birth date, time, and location. The results you get will tell you your Saturn sign.

For those who are interested in learning more about their birth chart, you could treat yourself to a birth chart necklace that contains all of your planets and signs, so you never forget. Keep reading below to continue knowing what Saturn means based on your sign.

Libra Saturn

Saturn is in Venus-ruled Libra, which explains your desire to think about every move you make, like your decisions and choices. You look at situations from all sides of the coin to help you predict results from numerous points of view before making your final move.

 A Libra Saturn describes how serious you treat commitments, keeping your word as if your life is on the line. If Saturn is in Libra, you want to make sure the choices you make are final and precisely what you want to happen and not because others said so but because you do.

Scorpio Saturn

If you have a Scorpio Saturn, life can get pretty intense for you at times. Mars rules the sign, and with Saturn in place, you develop emotional resilience through years of surviving every challenge coming your way. You may have gotten to know yourself better through those darkest times of your life.

Based on your experiences, you achieve a clearer understanding of why you find power and security interesting. Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning you have the willpower and determination to go through problems, although you can still face emotional trouble too. 

Sagittarius Saturn 

A Sagittarius Saturn describes your deepest desire to take on your journey without boundaries. However, Saturn tends to refuse situations a lot, leaving you to stay grounded no matter how hard you try to burst outside your comfort zone.

With Jupiter ruling Sagittarius, you find satisfaction in living life without a care, but your natal Saturn contradicts it by showing you that life isn’t always what you want it to be. When you find a way to understand your Saturn sign, you realize remaining grounded prevents you from setting high expectations about yourself and how you want everything to go.

Capricorn Saturn

Saturn rules Capricorn, indicating that you become your best self when you maintain discipline, work hard, remain practical, and act like a mature person. You often get serious about your responsibilities, usually going overboard about them. 

As someone independent and likes to do things their way, you can still find mistakes in your choices and actions, which forces you to be better than before. Saturn is a planet that represents fear, and Capricorns are scared about failing. With each step you take to get to the finish line, there is the voice within you, trying to scare you from giving your all.

Aquarius Saturn

Aquarius is another sign ruled by Saturn. As Capricorn Saturn aims to achieve your goal with the past in mind, Aquarius strives to create a vision for what lays ahead. Rather than focus on improving your reputation, you find interest in social structures, organizations, and communities. 

A natal Saturn in Aquarius lets you look at things as if they’re connected through time, mortality, or structures. You use your mind over your heart to make decisions while still proving that you care about the future of humanity. You analyze situations and tend to do well in social sciences and politics.

Pisces Saturn

If you have Saturn in Pisces, you grew up deciphering the boundaries around your connection with spirituality. When you were younger, it was difficult for you to acknowledge your beliefs, including finding the voice to express them without fear of losing your freedom.  

After experiencing all kinds of things in the past, you often develop deep questions about the world, but because of the environment you grew up in, limitations tend to trap you. As a result, you keep things to yourself despite wanting to know the truth, so you eventually seek answers from within you rather than from others.


It’s normal for people to have different opinions and beliefs about the world, especially regarding astrology. After all, the planets and signs aren’t there to tell you what you’re supposed to do but to open your eyes to the choices you’re free to make on your terms and pace. Knowing that your Saturn lies in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces presents you with opportunities to grow and discover yourself better along the way.

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