Venus goes Retrograde & Your Horoscopes | 17 - 23 July 2023

Venus goes Retrograde & Your Horoscopes | 17 - 23 July 2023

It’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath - finally, the long-anticipated Venus retrograde is happening from this week onwards until September 3rd.

Why is it so long-awaited? Well, Venus only goes retrograde every eighteen months or so, and once every eight years, she comes back to the same sign that she retrograded in. So, first things first - take  a look back at whatever was unfolding for you back in July of 2015. These themes are likely to come back and bite you in the you-know-what this Summer (or Winter, depending on where you are at the moment). 

What are the lessons of Venus? Well, they're primarily about love, really. Love in all its forms, not just romantic love. You know the Greeks had seven words for all the different types of love? So, whether you’re dealing with a lover, a friend or your family, these are the relationships coming up for review now. Yes, they’re going to be challenging. Yes, you may feel as if your fairytale is coming to a disastrous end. 






Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 17 - 23 July 2023:



It’s a wild, wooly week ahead, with ever so many cosmic events unfolding in almost every sector of your natal chart. On one hand, you’ve got the New Moon illuminating your domestic sector, inviting all kinds of nesting possibilities. On the other hand, Venus retrogrades in your pleasure and romance sector, inviting past lovers back into the picture and possibly some heartsore issues, too. But what seems to be most important is the opposition of your ruler, Mars, to stern Saturn across your work and rest sectors. This puts the brakes on, forcing you to slow down and take stock. And boy, is this frustrating. Yet, you do need it. 



It’s finally the week that your ruler, Venus, goes retrograde. You’ve probably been experiencing this energy for a while already, seeing as she’s been in shadow for a few weeks. Yet, now's the moment of action. Unfolding in your home and hearth sector, this retrograde is all about realizing what family means to you. What home means to you. It's about letting your heart be seen by your nearest and dearest and being unafraid to show your inner child. This can be enlightening - yes, even the tantrums, the frustrations and the drama. It’s worth it, because it teaches you how to get back into a space of safety, both within and without. 



Mercury, your ruler, locks horns with both Jupietr and Uranus this week, inviting a slightly excessive unpredictable energy. For example, it's eays for you to leap into an agreement without actually thinking anything through first. As a result, you may end up changing your mind so quickly that the people you’ve made commitments to feel like they have whiplash. Now, it's okay to change your mind. We all do it, based on new information. But you need to lay the groundwork to be able to do that so that you don’t come off as fickle. 



A New Moon in your sign is so very important. Although it doesn't necessarily shed actual light, it does give you the opportunity to plant a couple of seeds, seeds that will take root and grow in these weeks and months to come. Consider what it is that you want for yourself. Forget about others, for just a moment. How do you want to change your environment, your identity, your attitude? In what ways would you like to grow? Maybe you won’t yet have the resources to suit your new plans, but you can certainly reflect and spend some time brainstorming, so that when things are more stable you have everything you need to get going.


LEO ♌︎

Venus goes retrograde in your sign this week. Out of all the signs, you’re likely to have the easiest time of all, seeing as she’ll give you all kinds of creative opportunities and the chance to truly shine as a unique individual. You may feel more beautiful/gorgeous/attractive than you ever have before, so maximize on that. Pick at least one thing you love about yourself - physically - and expand on that. Treat yourself. Love yourself. But make sure that self-love isn’t self indulgence. There's a big difference. 


Relationships may prove to be a tug of war this week, with Mars and Saturn going head to head in these sectors of your natal chart. The problem is that you want a certain thing, whereas someone else seems to need something else entirely. They're putting On the brakes, which may make you feel stuck, frustrated and very tense. You can dissolve/resolve this tension by agreeing to meet in the middle. It’s not possible that you are going to get exactly what you want, unless you're willing to sacrifice the relationship. And is that something you truly desire? 



Venus is your ruler, as you well know, and seeing as she goes retrograde this week, it's important to remind yourself to go slow. Don’t go and leap into a relationship that you’re simply not ready for right now. Don’t indulge a toxic ex. Do spend time with people who have your best interest at heart. Do be prepared for drama in your friendship circles - and stay away from it. As much as you’d love to be the mediator, there’s a good chance that all that ends up happening is you getting stuck in the middle of a difficult situation. 



This Venus retrograde happens in the sector of your natal chart linked to career and calling. So, perhaps some of you may be entertaining the idea of going back to an old calling. Maybe you even receive a job offer from a place you've worked before, or are called to step into an old role. Should you do it? Well, it’s not a terrible idea. There’s a good chance that, with the right people and connections you’ll be able to shine your talents into the world. Just be careful, however, of making it all about you. 



Travel is your thing. Everyone knows that. Whether you're traveling from the comfort of your couch (hello documentaries and plant medicine!), or actually getting onto a plane doesn't seem to matter much. With Venus going retrograde in this sector, it may be that you’re going back to revisit some places and spaces close to your heart. Yet, expect delays. Expect mishaps. Respect your values to have shifted, because that’s what we do. We change, we evolve, and we grow. 



With your ruler, Saturn, locked into an opposition aspect with Mars this week, things may be a touch, well, tense, to say the least. It looks like either you are pushing back on someone’s ideas, or visa versa. How can it be that you have such differing thoughts? Well, that’s simple human nature. See if there’s a way you can loosen up your perspective to accommodate others’ beliefs. Don’t hesitate to ask for the same treatment in return. If you're still being pushed - or bullied - walk away. There's no point in working with people who won’t negotiate.  



Venus dances backwards in your relationship sector from this week onwards. Now, seeing as she’s the quintessential relationship plant,this may prove to be a little challenging for you in the weeks to come. Exes seem to reappear as if out of nowhere, much to your continued annoyance. What’s the lesson here, your analytical mind may be asking. The lesson is for you to find closure. To put yourself first. To recognise when someone is behaving in a selfish fashion and not to pander to their ego. 



Saturn, currently in your sign, is facing a tough opposition from Mars in your relationship sector this week. Yet, this can be a very productive aspect, if you take the right approach. Recognize that you may be so firm in your stance at the moment that you’re not allowing for any give. Yet, at the same time, it may be necessary to have these boundaries. Maybe, after all these years, you're finally standing up for yousef, as uncomfortable as that may feel. Go, you. 



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