Venus Ingresses into Leo & Your Horoscopes | 5 - 11 June, 2023

Venus Ingresses into Leo & Your Horoscopes | 5 - 11 June, 2023

Normally, we wouldn’t make such a big fuss of a Venus transit. Seeing as she only usually spends about a month in any one sign, it’s too fast of a transit to focus on. So why are we doing it now? 

Well, something special happens whilst the lady of love, beauty and values is in Leo. See, she goes retrograde here. Venus only goes retrograde every eighteen months or so. And the last time she was doing her backwards dance in Leo was around eight years ago. Think back to 2015. What came up for you that year, specifically around love and romance? Now, we aren’t going to spend too much time unpacking this retrograde – we’re reserving that for the week she actually starts her journey – 23 July, to be exact. But, it’s good to know what we’re dealing with a little while before it happens, right? Right! 

For those of us who have a strong Leo signature in our Astrology charts – our Sun, Moon or Rising in this sign, for example – we’ll really be feeling it. in a good way, for the most part. One could say that we might be, well, a touch selfish during this transit. We crave attention from our lovers, friends and children. Accept attention. We all need some validation from time to time. It’s okay to sparkle brightly - but give it back, love with all of your heart. Don’t hold back. Spend extra time with your family, friends and children. Feel how that feeds your soul. Spread light and sunshine wherever you go. Praise others. Uplift them. Lead by example.

Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 5 - 11 June:




There are so any good things going for you this week. The move of Venus into your fellow fire sign of Leo, firstly, is a cause for celebration. She’ll be here for an extended time, illuminating themes of play, fun and getting flirty. There’ll be one or two tricky days right at the very start of the week, when Venus and Pluto connect. This warns of a potential drama, so don’t go and get yourself caught up. Focus instead on developing your creativity as well as how you can get ahead in your career. 



Your ruler, Venus, dances into passionate Leo this week, and with that, into your domestic sector. Now, we already know how much you love hearth and home, so this transit is one that’s going to really light you up from the inside out. You may be inspired to redecorate or plan a dinner party over the next few weeks – or both! Family life should also take a turn for the better, with warm, affectionate and loving feelings spilling out of you and your loved ones. Go on. Give them a hug. You know you want to. 



Mercury, your planetary ruler, beams into a brand-new sign this week. That sign happens to be yours truly, so go ahead and do a happy dance. For the last several weeks, you’ve likely even been simmering and sitting on certain thoughts, thoughts that perhaps you haven’t been willing to unveil just yet. Well, now’s your time. Not only do you have the intelligence to get your point across in a way that inspires respect, but you also have humor and wit. Perfect! 


For a very brief time, Pluto slips back into your relationship sector from this week for a few months. This may bring back some issues that you’ve had over the last several years, and initially, you may feel quite resistant to reigniting this process. Yet, rest assured that this is only happening in order for you to wrap up any loose ends that may be lingering. It’s time to close the door, even if that feels a little painful. You’ll be so glad that you did. 

LEO ♌︎

This week ignites a beautiful, sexy, lavish, pleasurable period for you. Why? Well, lady Venus flirts her way into your sign, where she’ll stay for much longer than usual, due to her retrograde in a couple of weeks. Lucky you! This is your golden moment to spoil yourself, to enjoy attention, to freely give your love and affection. Right as Venus enters Leo, however, she does meet up in a hard-core opposition with Pluto, reflecting some toxicity that needs to be purged from your relationships. You don’t need that, so let it go. Live your very best life. 


Your ruler, Mercury, heads into his other home sign this week, making him strong and ready for action. For you, this is all about work, work, work. But don’t worry, it’s bound to be fun and pleasurable. In fact, your natural problem-solving abilities are likely to arise and be expressed, seen and validated. You may even embrace a whole new role, whether that’s at work or elsewhere. You’re much for adaptable than you give yourself credit for, you know. And much more influential than you can imagine. 



With Venus, your planetary ruler, heading into a whole new sign, you’re ready for a party. A celebration. A shakedown. The next few weeks will give you plenty of opportunities for exactly that, so get your dancing shoes on! Your community is likely to be a source of great pleasure and fun for you, and your friendships should feel tight and strong. Just watch out for the start of the week, where you maybe caught up in a storm not of your own making. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into making a choice that you’re not quite ready for just yet.


Pluto, your co-ruling planet, moves back into Capricorn this week. Why back? Well, he’s Retrograde, you see. He’s sneaking back and forth between this earth sign and Aquarius over the next year or so, so best you get used to it. This planet of transformation is asking you to evolve your thinking and see things in a new, deeper way. You’ve already been on this journey for quite some time, so it’s nothing new. In fact, there may be the same real pearls of wisdom for you to embrace at the moment. Not to mention powerful mental breakthroughs. 


Mercury, planet of communication, heads into your relationship sector this week. As such, your negotiation skills and willingness to compromise are on fire. With this in mind, go right ahead and tackle any tricky issues that have gotten stuck recently. With your excellent listening skills right now, and even better problem-solving abilities, you and your sweetheart or someone else you're working closely with will come to a win-win solution. This helps to ease some of the pressure that you may have felt at the very start of the week. 



Pluto, planet of transformation, slips back into your sign this week. Yes, we can hear you collectively groaning in despair. More work, you say? Well, not necessarily. This planet just wants to make sure that the changes and evolutions that you’ve been navigating recently are going to stick. Maybe there’s a few more things that you need to let go of when it comes to your old identity. It’s scary, but oh-so-liberating. Shed that skin. You don’t need it anymore. 




The start of this week is pretty intense, so hold onto your hat. Relationships in particular may offer up all kinds of lessons, to put it mildly. Be careful that you’re not the one that’s putting too much pressure on this situation. If you push too hard, you’ll only encounter resistance. Bring the focus back to yourself, become that’s the only thing you have control over – your own behavior. Don’t worry, things get much, much better as the week goes on. In fact, you may look back and wonder if it was all a dream. 


Two areas are perking up for you this week – your work and your family life. When it comes to work, there’s a sense that creativity and pleasure are on the cards for you. Relationships with coworkers, colleagues, clients and employees are on the up and up. Your pets are also going to be a source of huge love and joy for you, so spend extra time with them, if they’re a feature of your world. At home, communication is king. You’re going to find it that much easier to solve problems and enjoy light, breezy and fun conversations with your loved ones. Yay! 


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