Venus Moves into Cancer! Love Me Tender...

Venus Moves into Cancer! Love Me Tender...

By Margarita Celeste


On 7th August, 2020, Venus, planet of love, beauty and creativity, moves from airy Gemini into sensitive Cancer.

She’s been visiting Gemini for quite some time and even went Retrograde in this intelligent sign – and she finally shifts her focus into the more empathetic sign of Cancer. Sure, we had fun when Venus had her fun in social Gemini, but now she wants something a little more….personal.

Love Becomes Emotional

Venus’s main realm is Love and Relationship – of all kinds. She’s that planet that reminds us that pleasure is ours for the taking, invites us to seduce, to have fun, to create, and to connect. She’s the Goddess of Love in all her glory!

Cancer, the sign of the crab, is a great sign of romantic Venus to be in. Cancer is nurturing, sentimental, emotional and kind. Cancer craves closeness, depth and meaning in relationships, makes us a cup of tea when we’re sad and dances with us when we are happy.

Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon, and so has that side of wacky! Love can be crazy with Venus in Cancer, and it can change.

After all, the Moon changes all the time, doesn’t it?

This month can spell a time where we go through all kinds of phases in our relationships, most of them quite emotional in nature. We may be a lil’ moodier, more prone to acting out, and even a bit insecure – if we aren’t getting our needs met.

Cancer has powerful emotional needs, and the inner child with this sign is strong. It needs a sense of safety, a feeling of “you get me, you love me, you accept me”.

If we don’t feel this for our lovers, well, the dark side of the Moon comes out to play, and we’re acting hysterically, clingy, needily.  

This makes it a perfect time to really thinly on what these needs are then, right? And then, to communicate them. Cancer is a sign that is guilty of thinking that everyone just knows how they are feeling. But that’s not true.

Just because you maybe more sensitive to others, doesn’t mean that they are just as sensitive to you. In fact, most of us walk around with emotional radars unchecked, blindfolded and oblivious to what our partners’ true needs are – or even our own. 

Let’s be aware this month, then, that we need to really communicate properly instead of assume.

Let us love with all of our hearts and embrace the past, but not wallow in it. Let us release resentment and find something or someone to take care of, including ourselves!

Do’s & Don’t for Venus in Cancer  

Astrology is a little bit magic. And we can effectively harness that magic to make our lives that much better, to get us into the flow of things. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts whilst Venus is in Cancer -


  • Be sentimental. Make someone some cupcakes, bake a bread, make a homecooked meal that your mama taught you. Break out the old photo albums and reminisce on the past. Create cozy moments of connection with your loved one when your tea and stroll down memory lane together.
  • Ask for what our need in a relationship. More space? More coldness? A Foot massages? A night off from dinner? A night out? The power is in your hands - not someone else’s.
  • Love with all your heart. Be honest and be vulnerable. Allow someone in, and let them know who you are on the inside. Cuddle up and share your stories.
  • Come to terms with your past. It’s good to look back and see what brought you here, to this point, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Every person, every moment, has gotten you to where you are – so appreciate that!
  • Let go of a past love. Cancer is one of this signs that clings and clings, so now is a good time to let go, no matter how painful it feels. This will free you up for a new opportunity, and lend you much more emotional space to love again.
  • Watch your feelings taking over. Venus in Caner can be moody AF, which is wonderful when she’s happy, bit terrible when she’s angry. Be mindful, accepting – but not too reactive.
  • Us your intuition. Venus in Cancer is remarkably intuitive, and she just knows when something – or someone – isn’t right for you. Us that as your roadmap this month.
  • Be creative – with your hands. Make art. Doodle. Mandala. Mosaic. Make pottery. Venus in Cancer loves to tell a story, and she does it well.
  • Tell your story. Talk to a friend, a therapist, a lover, and tell then your life story. Color it in with interesting moments, and enjoy the process!
  • Assume everyone knows your feelings. Instead, communicate what it is you are experiencing emotionally, and ask for what you need. Don’t resent someone for not being a mind-reader or as sensitive as you are!
  • Venus in Cancer can be guilty of obsessing over the past, over past hurts, wounds, and lovers. She can get so obsessive that she fails to see what’s right in front of her. Avoid that trap! Your past is your story, but it doesn’t have to define your life.
  • Be passive-aggressive. Venus in Cancer scuttles away from confrontation, which solves nothing! You still have those feelings, right? Those resentments and hang-ups? Talk about them, lest they poison you for the inside out!
  • Venus in Cancer can become so insecure that she holds on – forever. It may be time to slowly pry those fingers open. See how much better do you feel now?


Venus in Cancer is a sensitive, sweet, tender time in love. It’s a time to care, nurture, befriend, and nourish ourselves and each other. Love goes inward, is experienced at home instead of “out there” in the world. Love is these precious moments of emotional connection, of more-than-words-understanding. Love changes, and grows, and is cherished.

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