Venus Square Uranus (and why you should be aware of this) & Your Horoscope | 7 - 13 August 2023

Venus Square Uranus (and why you should be aware of this) & Your Horoscope | 7 - 13 August 2023

Usually, this kind of aspect isn’t something we would talk about. Why? Well, because it’s usually very brief. And make no mistake - this is a brief transit, lasting a few days at most. So why are we talking about it? 

Because there are exactly three of these transits, due to the retrograde of Venus. See, she’s moving backwards and forwards, which is why she’s connecting to slow-moving Uranus so often. This is the second visit, with the third happening in September. The second visit is usually the one that hits the hardest, and is the most intense of all. It’s the point at which everything is in flux. 

Let’s unpack what this means, piece by piece.

First of all, Venus is the planet that rules all things relationship-related. She also rules our values and what’s most important to us. In addition, she also happens to rule money and material pleasure. "Sugar and Spice, and everything Nice”, is what we say when we think of Venus. Now that she’s retrograde, all these topics are turning on their heads and going through a reversal. A slowdown. That’s why relationships are so very difficult at the moment. That’s also why exes are popping up out of the woodwork, unexpectedly. That’s also why our money is dwindling. We’re also in a major process of reviewing and renewing, reflecting and reconnecting. 

What’s Uranus all about then? Well, as the mythological Sky God, he’s the Bringer of Change. Unexpected shifts and unpredictable developments are his speciality. Like lightning, he strikes, bringing upheaval and freedom. He’s the great Liberator, in other words.  Yet, that liberation is never easy. Especially for those of us who like to stay in our comfort zones. Who like stability, predictability, routine. Yet, this is our chance to hit that refresh button. 


So what we might expect is that any topic along the line of relationship, finances and values may be subject to sudden, even violent change. What seemed really important to us may not be at all important anymore. Yet, it's ever so crucial to keep in mind that this is a very fleeting phase, and if we make any decisions based on impulse, we may all too easily come to regret it. That saying "Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater”? Let’s keep that in mind this week. Before deciding that the 9-5 isn’t for you anymore and that you want to run for the hills, think again. Take the week to really process things. Besides, we don’t want to do much while Venus is retrograde, after all. 


Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 31  July  - 6 August 2023:



It’s a pretty good week, all things considered. You’ve got the merry transit of Venus through your romance, play and fun sector,  and even though there are likely to be a few wobbles, it’s nothing you can’t handle. In fact, you seem to relish this excitement. Just be careful of not going too far over the top, as you do tend to be someone that could be described as, well, a touch overconfident at times. Scale back a tad so that you don’t end up with regrets once all this excitement is finally over. 



Your ruler, Venus, meets up with Uranus today in her second square aspect of a series of three.  What does this mean for you? Well, it seems like you’re the one pushing for freedom at the moment. Maybe it's your home that you feel you need a break from, or family. Maybe you need to spread your wings and fly a little. Should you? Well, that remains to be seen. The cosmic advice here is to proceed with a little caution. To tread lightly and gently. 



Your ruler, Mercury, connects to Jupiter in a flowing trine aspect this week. What does this mean to you, exactly? Well, it’s all about great communication and expansive ideas. It’s about making solid plans with family, or to do with finances. It’s about harnessing the material world to work for you. It’s about trusting your instincts and thinking big - really big. It's a wonderful moment to reconnect with anyone you’ve had issues with and smooth things over. You’re being heard in new and wonderful ways at the moment. 



This week, the focus seems to all be on your finances and resources. You could be going a little over the top at the moment, and it’s probably not even all for you. In fact, you may be spending more on other people than on yourself right now. Is this a good idea? Not so much. It seems as if you could be hit with something unexpected. Remember that saying about a rainy day? This could prove to be all too true for you right now. Pump the brakes. 


LEO ♌︎

This week is all about you. With your ruler, the Sun, shifting into a conjunction with Venus. Seeing as this all unfolds in your sign, you’re probably feeling on the very top of the world. You’re shining at your brightest and most attractive - the self-love is strong right now. The thing is, you do need to be extra mindful of the fact that you could, because of this confidence. behave in a way that’s a little reckless. When you’re  convinced that everything is going to go well for you, it’s easy to get caught up in crazy plans and then end up regretting them. 


Your main aspect for the week is the trine between Mercury and Jupiter.  Seeing as your ruler is Mercury, this is an energy likely to affect you in a very positive way. It’s all about big thinking, big ideas, big philosophies. You’re going to be able to take your ideas and synthesize them into a broad bigger picture. What’s more, you’ll be able to apply this bigger picture to the path you see yourself walking in the future. Making decisions has never been this easy - especially for such an analytical sign like yourself. 



Your ruler, Venus, connects to the Sun this week in a  powerful conjunction. This is the moment that she becomes the Morning Star, having made her journey into the underworld. Yes, she is still retrograde so you’re not quite yet out of the woods. But at least there’s a slow ascent starting. In your social sector, this helps to start smoothing over any rough patches that you may have been going through with friends. It's also a time when your partner starts showering you with more love, which is exactly what you need right now. 



Relationships seem to be going swimmingly this week. Communication is especially good right now. Whatever kind of partnership you’re in, you’ll find that expansive thinking and solid goal-setting really helps your bond to grow and feel stronger. This helps to balance out some of the more unpredictable energies that could also be developing in this area. For example, someone you’re close to is changing all of a sudden, which understandably stresses you out, Yet, with proper communication, you have nothing to worry about. 



It’s a very enthusiastic week for you. Travel, if that’s looking on the horizon or something you’re doing right now, seems to be a big topic for you. Just be careful of going too far over the top. Your confidence is at an all-time high at the moment, but that doesn't mean you should take an unnecessary risk. You still need to work, do chores, have duties and take care of responsibilities. Don't throw it all to the wind on a whim. Find all ways to expand your world, one bit at a time. 



There’s another fantastic trine aspect coming your way this week, this time between Mercury and Jupiter. This allows you to coalesce your creative ideas and put them to practical use. You’re thinking bigger - much, much bigger. Your heart is in the exact right place right now, so don’t hesitate to take action. Do what you love. Make it a spiritual path. At the same time, be careful of making any sort of risky investment - especially if it’s a material one. For now, just let your investment be energetic. 



The Sun and Venus join up in your relationship sector this week. This shines a very bright light on your connections and illuminates all things partnership. This may even be a welcome reprieve for some of the drama you’ve likely been experiencing with Venus retrograde. Yet at the same time, don’t let yourself drown in someone else. You have your own identity, too. Make sure to maintain it. Above all, be extra mindful of over promsiign or overcommitting yourself. You may end up with a very wobbly plate that you simply can’t balance. 



Work seems to be going extremely well for you this week. You’re not only tackling big projects but you’re winning at them. Even if that work is raising children or doing your own thing, it still counts, and maybe ever more so. You’re doing what you do with a big and full heart, and that’s what matters. Yet, do be careful of over-giving, or being too generous. Even if others’ intentions are good, they may not realize how much they’re overstepping the mark. 



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