What the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Means For Your Zoadic Sign | 23 - 29  October 2023

What the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Means For Your Zoadic Sign | 23 - 29 October 2023

When it comes to Lunar Eclipses, this has to be one of the friendlier ones. See, Lunar Eclipses are very powerful and intense cosmic events that can truly open all kinds of portals - portals to other lives, to our trauma, our collective wounding - you get the picture. This is the time when the Universe puts her foot on the accelerator and makes us go, go, go! It’s also a time when we admittedly feel a little out of control, as if things are moving in a direction that we haven't had time to make up our minds about just yet. 


Lunar Eclipses are particularly hair-raising, seeing as they tend to be times when there are multiple endings, when there's a climax, as time that we need to release and let go - whether that’s of a person, a career path, a home, or anything else. Usually, the power lies in our own hands. Most of the time , anyway. But when it’s an Eclipse - well - all bets are off the table. All we can really control is how we respond to the situation. How we handle it. Not a nice thought to not have complete control, but very often, this is what our souls choose, long before we incarnated into the physical world. 


Free will, therefore, is a major theme during Eclipses.

The free will to choose our response. So, with this Eclipse in Taurus, we may be witness to certainties and comfort zones melting away. It may even feel like the rug is being pulled out from underneath us. We could find ourselves walking a very tight rope between calm and chaos, between stability and change. We could swing wildly between these polarities, yearning for a transformation, yet being terrified out of our wits at the same time.


The advice?

Go in the direction of the fear. Face it confronted, acknowledge it. Then, keep walking. On the other side of fear lies freedom. How do we know this? Well, the fact that Jupiter, giver of gifts and plant abundance, is so closely conjunct this lunation is a very positive sign, a very encouraging one. This says that there are rewards when we make the change. 


There is one catch, however. Because Jupiter (and La Luna) are angled to Mars, Mercury and the Sun in a tight opposition, there’s a good chance that we may go a little too far. That we may take too much of a risk. That we could make reckless mistakes. This caution is good. Taking things one bite at a time, one step at a time is even better. It’s a classic case of suddenly feeling the urge for change, and then acting on it without enough thought. Get the drift? Good. Let’s move on. 


Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 23 - 29  October 2023:



Your ruler, Mars, is all kinds of busy at the moment. He’s a key player in this Full Moon Eclipse, seeing as he’s linked to Jupiter in an opposition and to Mercury in a conjunction. What does this mean for you, exactly? Well, for one thing, you’ll have to be ultra-cautious of moving too fast, too recklessly. This is especially true when it comes to anything financially related. There’s a very fine balance that needs to be achieved here, a balance between spending and saving, indulging and conserving. Plan your strategy when it comes to your resources. Be smart about it. 



This Lunar Eclipse in your very own sign is a biggie - there’s just no two ways about it. Certain situations seem to be coming to an end, so that better things can take their place - be that a relationship, a career path or a personal issue. Yet, it also doesn't have to be so final, either. If, for example, you’re facing an intense relationship situation (very likely), it may be necessary for you to find a compromise, a midpoint in which the both of you come out feeling like you’re winning. When there’s a will, there’s a way - and you’ve got a very strong will, don’t you? 



It looks like you may be crushing it this week, especially when it comes to anything work-related. You’ve probably been burning the candle at both ends lately, and now you get to see the result of all your blood, sweat and tears. Yet, if you are feeling exhausted or burnt out - very likely - it’s important to honor that and take some time out for yourself. You’ve done well and very much deserve a break. Find a moment to indulge and nourish yourself in some way. This sends a signal to your body and soul that you are more than good enough. 



Because your ruler is the Moon, Eclipse always seems to get you right in the feels. This one is no different, though in some ways, it is a little gentler. That’s because the planet of abundance - Jupiter - is positioned perfectly right next to the Moon in a sparkling conjunction aspect. This brings growth and reward your way, especially when it comes to income-earned or a goal achieved. You’ve been working steadily towards this, so now’s the time to celebrate your efforts. Look around you. You are loved, adored, and worthy. Believe it. 


LEO ♌︎

As you may already know, the Sun is your planetary ruler, and thus, Eclipses are always an important turning point for you, to some degree or the other.  This one does seem to hold a special significance, seeing as it falls across two very important sectors of your natal chart. Your professional zone and the area connected to belonging, home, roots and family. Both are such important topics for you, which means that you have to learn to give equal attention to each. Be very careful that old patterns and toxic dynamics don’t pull you down from rising up in the world. 


This week, your ruler, Mercury, connects to both Jupiter and Mars in an opposition and conjunction respectively. Now, the first of these aspects can bring about big ideas and plans. Yet, will these big ideas and plans go anywhere? Sure - if you’ve been steadily working towards a greater goal and bigger picture, then you may well see things starting to finally come together. At the same time, you still need somewhat of a strategy. This is where the second aspect comes in hand. It lends you courage of conviction and the ability to go after exactly what you want. 



This week’s cosmic energy may bring along some very tangible, material events for you. You may receive, for example, a financial windfall. or you get help in other practical ways. Maybe you’re buying a house and can finally seal the deal, or perhaps a lucrative business partnership is finally bearing fruit. One thing your sign is very good at is exploring the balance between ‘me’ and ‘we’. See if this is a possibility now, because the stars do suggest that it’s important you strategize a smart way forward. 



It’s the official start of your birthday season, what with the Sun moving into your very own sign. Hooray! What a way to kick off another year around the Sun, what with a powerful Eclipse unfolding in the skies this week. This one is important for you, seeing as there’s a plethora of planets in your very own sign. Your identity seems to be shifting and changing, as it has for the last several months already. Now is simply the time where you get to see how far you've come. Be aware that certain relationships may be ‘Eclipsed’ out of your world so that you can see into your fullest potential. 



Full Moons tend to bring about endings and release. Eclipses enhance this engry, making this theme even more emphasized. As if that weren’t enough, this particular Eclipse unfolds in the sector connected to the closure of important cycles for you. This is a triple-whammy of energy, so if you see that people's circumstances and situations are shutting down , let them go. Let go with grace, with an open heart. It may feel a little intense for you, but this is a very necessary process of cleaning our old debris and purging so that you can start a fresh, clean slate. 



You seem to have some great ideas and goals planned for this week. What's more, you have the full support of your friends, family and community. They believe in you. They can be relied on, trusted. There’s not quite like feeling safe with people that care about you, so maximize on this. Let others help you in mapping out strategies for your future. It's so much more fun when we can share our world with others. Don’t worry - you’ll still take a leading position.There was never any question about that. 



If you’ve been planning to move home, unroot yourself or simply shift your personal situation in some other important way, this is the week where it all seems to be coming together. There’s a reward waiting for you, for all your hard work. Abundance flows, but you do have to ensure that you don’t move too quickly or recklessly. There's still a great need for planning and careful calculation. Otherwise, you may end up regretting your haste. Having a strong inner foundation will help to manifest the change you wish to see on the outside.



You are stepping up this week - look at you go Whatever decisions you’re making, whatever choices are facing you, you’re able to choose from a grounded, practical, pragmatic place. This isn’t normally like you - you tend to be someone who views the world through rose-colored glasses, always seeing the magic in everything. This is a lovely quality and should never be lost. But it does need to be balanced with a realistic perspective. And that’s exactly what you have going for you right now. 




Are you ready to dive even deeper into yourself?



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