What this Potent Full Moon is Aries Means For You!

What this Potent Full Moon is Aries Means For You!

September ends off on a fitting note, what with a Full Moon in the powerful, Warrior sign of Aries! But let's get a little more specific. What is this Full Moon about, exactly? Relationships. That's what it’s about.

But isn’t Aries a super-independent self-sufficient sign?

Isn't this the most autonomous sign in the entire zodiac? Yes, absolutely right. But, bear in mind that the Sun is right opposite the Moon, in the relationship-orientated sign of Libra. Thus, the themes of this Full Moon are all about balancing the concepts of ‘me’ versus ‘we’. After all, as they say, no (wo)man is an island. Hyper - independence isn’t a good space to be in. Yet, neither is over-dependence on someone else, or chronic people-pleasing at the expense of our own desires and needs. Tip? Use the twin skills of compromise and diplomacy to get what you desire. 


For some of us, finding this balance may have us relinquishing a particular relationship. Maybe we have to, in order to find ourselves again. Maybe we have to change the role that a certain relationship lies in our lives. Maybe we have to take the next big step. It all depends on the context of your connection. If it’s healthy and you want it, well, this full Moon should then be about making that relationship even stronger. If not, then it’s essential to have the courage and bravery to let the connection go. 



Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 25 September - 1 October 2023



Well, hello there, Full Moon in your very own sign! You were lucky enough to have not one, but two New Moons in your sign earlier this year. This Full Moon is a culmination of one of them. What in your world changed over these last several months? In which ways have you grown, transformed and shifted your identity, shed your skin? You seldom look back because you’re so busy moving forward. Yet, this is a great time to take stock. It’s possible that there’s a certain relationship that needs to be released so that you can come into your own fullest potential. 



This week, your ruler, Venus, makes her last and final square aspect to Uranus. It’s been quite the ride, hasn’t it? The thing is, you’ve been the main driver of all the chaos. Yes, you. Admit it. It’s been fun. If you had to be really honest with yourself, you may even want to get right back on that roller coaster. The foundations beneath your feet seem to have shifted dramatically, and that’s a good thing. Maybe your entire living situation looks different. Or maybe it’s simply a case of you having finally let go of your past - to a certain degree, anyway. 



Your ruler, Mercury, is behaving beautifully this week. He visits both Jupiter and Uranus in a flowing trine aspect, activating your inner growth sectors. That growth seems to come from a deeper understanding of your past and how it’s led you to this point. In many ways, you’re being set free of your old patterns - thinking patterns as well as psychological ones. You may even be thinking  about bringing a much-needed end to a certain situation, such as, for example moving home or heading off on travels. 



This Full Moon seems to be one that activates a few important areas of your life. Namely, your roots zone and your career sector. It’s possible that you’re reaching quite a high point when it comes to your work, and now’s the time to either call it quits or step up even more. You’ve worked hard to get here. Yet, at the same time, your home and roots seem to be calling out to you for greater balance. You know, deep down, that having some sort of foundation beneath your feet is important. Sometimes, that foundation is inside. Home is where you are. Remember that. 


LEO ♌︎

You may yourself reach a final decision on something that’s been pressing down on you for weeks or months already. What a relief, right? It’s often when we’re paralyzed in the agony of indecision that the worst suffering happens. When we pick a path and move forward, we’re free at last. Some of you might also be celebrating some sort of educational achievement, such as receiving your diploma or recognition for a path of knowledge you've been walking. Some of you might even be moving into a coaching or teaching role. Go, you. 


You’re usually very well balanced when it comes to your material situation. In fact, one might even say that you’re a master of budgeting. Well, the proof is in the pudding, what with this Full Moon illuminating the choices and decisions that you’ve made up until this point when it comes to your finances. Are you happy? Satisfied? Proud? Or do you think that you could do a little better? Maybe you need a little more balancing between your own resources versus sharing what you have with others and merging. We all have areas that we can work on, after all. 



This Full Moon is important for you. Although the Moon is in Aries - your opposite sign - the Sun is in Libra. This casts a powerful light on all things relationship-oriented. Maybe it’s time to let go of a particular connection. Maybe it’s time to, at long last, focus on you. After all, you are the longest relationship that you’ll ever have. It’s scary to venture out there alone, but it’s also so very liberating. And if this is something that you really don’t want, well, then just do the work to find more balance. 



Both your relationships and your career sectors are possibly a little tricky at the moment, to say the least. The honest truth is that they’re probably in a state of chaos, in all honesty. But, before you panic, just keep in mind that this isn’t anything new. You’ve been on this wild ride for a few months now, and luckily, this is the final chapter, The showdown. Now’s your moment to put to good use all the skills you’ve learnt and to perhaps gracefully let go of what isn’t meant for you so that you can welcome a new, fresh and exciting chapter. 



Is there a love story that’s finally coming to a close in your world around now? Or is it a story about friendship? Maybe it’s not about drawing things to a close, but more around how to find a greater sense of balance when it comes to your social life versus your romantic one. You don’t necessarily have to choose between one and the other, you know. Nor do you need to flip-flop. This Full Moon is also likely to be a very important one when it comes to embracing your passion versus making money. Again, it's about balance and compromise. 



As someone who’s usually very work and career-oriented, this Full Moon seems to call you back home, back down to your roots. It may be initially uncomfortable to have to - however briefly - leave your calling and tend to family and domestic issues. But if you don’t have a strong, firm foundation beneath your feet, how will you ever rise? You need the balance. Thus, beware of falling into old patterns when it comes to needing to succeed in the outer world. You are already a success, just by being



As the eternal student, you’re someone that will never, ever stop learning. It’s a great quality about you. Yet, you also need to know when it’s time to leave that role behind and embody the Teacher, the Guide, the Mentor. You were born for this, and you know it. There are choices in front of you now, and it’s about you taking a risk and diving in. You don’t need to go large. Small steps are just fine. All you need to do is start the journey. 



Relationships are an area of enormous strength this week. Draw on them. Communication is going to be something that proves very exciting, particular communication around the future, around your goals, your dreams, your hopes. Some of you may even welcome an exciting new collaboration, particularly one that has its roots in the online space. Collaboration, or romance? Well, that remains to be seen, doesn't it? Be open to all possibilities. Don't be afraid to speak your truth. It will draw the right people your way. Even if it’s shocking.




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