What Your Astrologer Looks for in a Relationship Reading

What Your Astrologer Looks for in a Relationship Reading

When it comes to relationship compatibility, an astrologer will perform an analysis that looks at both of your birth charts to fully understand you and the other person involved.

This is a fun way to see whether you and your partner or the person you like are meant to be together. When generating a compatibility chart assessment, your astrologer will look at four essential things:

Ascendant Signs

If someone had to guess your zodiac sign, they would most likely pick your ascendant sign rather than your sun sign.

This is because your ascendant sign represents how you interact with the world and those around you. As a result, the ascendant sign plays a critical role in chart compatibility. An astrologer will want to know whether or not the two ascendant signs are compatible and what kind of connections your ascendant signs’ positions have.

Sun and Moon Signs

In love, the moon sign is equally vital as the sun sign, which is perceived as the most central sign (even though it is not).

An astrologer will look at the positions of your suns and the moons to ensure a good astrological match. Is there any contradiction between the energy of the two signs? They will endeavor to answer this question.

Your astrologer will also determine which houses your suns and moons belong to. The aspects or linkages between the two are significant for chart compatibility. You will find out where each person puts their sense of self and emotional energies in this stage. Will your energies work harmoniously together?

Venus and Mars Link

Venus and Mars, known as the planets of love and passion, are significant in chart compatibility. Your astrologer will search for certain angles and aspects between the planets in your charts and their house positions.

A certain level of tension is healthy for a relationship and essential in sexual magnetism, so the astrologer’s skill is crucial in this case. Their job is not simply making a big deal out of a relationship because of harmonious connections.

Every planet in both charts must be studied to ascertain the full degree of the astrological compatibility match because each has a role to play. Uranus represents surprises in the relationship, Pluto is associated with power conflicts, and Jupiter stands for optimism. Additionally, Saturn is concerned with responsibility, while Mercury is linked with an individual’s communication style.


Naturally, knowing whether one partner possesses something that the other lacks is crucial for any relationship compatibility assessment.

In this aspect, your astrologer will look at the ratio of the elements (earth, air, water, and fire) in each of your charts. The unique pattern can help complete a lacking one in the other’s chart.

The astrologer will find any sign that indicates two people need each other and can grow alongside each other. Assessing such correlation can help gauge your relationship’s length and general compatibility.


Astrology is only one way you can look at you and your partner’s compatibility. Although you shouldn’t use it as a sole method, astrology is indeed an exciting approach to analyzing the unique personalities of your relationship or connection with others.

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