Why You Should Use a Talisman

Why You Should Use a Talisman

A talisman is typically a piece of jewelry you love wearing, like a bracelet, ring, or necklace. It can also be a stone you keep close to you in your pocket, often bearing a symbol. Some even make a piece of art they decorate their house with as a talisman, an object empowered with intention and energy. A talisman can do various things, like protect you against negative energy and increase positive energy, helping you feel more fulfilled.

The great thing about talismans is that they can be virtually any object, making them accessible and affordable. You can use mundane sources as talismans, like a necklace chain without a pendant, a simple ring, or even a zodiac talisman. Here’s what you need to know about talismans and why you should have one:

Making a Talisman

You can use virtually anything as your talisman, but what sets it apart from everyday objects is that you need to empower them with energy. The only way to do this is through meditation and ritual, where you’ll more easily access your psyche and channel your energy into it. Alternatively, you can hire an energy practitioner to charge your would-be talisman for you.

The simplest method of making a talisman is to cleanse the object of your choosing. Cleansing it does not mean scrubbing it with soap and water, but immersing it in salt or soil for 24 hours, which will clear it of its previous energy. When it’s cleansed, you must work with the object to set its intention, allowing you to focus your energy on the object. This process is delicate and opens you up to all kinds of energies, so it is best to do this within a salt circle or when you feel well-rested, properly fed, and adequately hydrated. Most of the ritual work involves vocalizing your intention and repeating it when holding the object.

Metal Objects as Talismans

If you’d like to have a metal object, like a band ring, as your talisman, you’ll have to take note of its rarity and type. Silver is regarded as the most neutral of all metals, making it perfect and the most common for energy work. It is also the standard for all talisman work if you are restricted to choosing one metal.

Steel is another neutral metal that is good for setting intentions involving protection and the mind. Gold is considered “warm,” making it exceptional for intentions that have to do with emotions. Platinum is best for intense or specialized energy direction under distinguished conditions for occasions instead of everyday use.

Symbols as Talismans

Symbols are a common way to choose or make a talisman. You can purchase nearly any symbol you want as a ring insignia or necklace pendant. These symbols will be engraved onto the metal, formed out of it, or carved in wood or stone to assign an intention to the talisman.

Examples of symbols used as talisman markers are runes, astrological signs, planet glyphs, and cultural symbols, like the Eye of Horus from Egypt and the Triquetra from Pagan Celtic beliefs.

Using Your Talisman

You can wear your talisman every day or for special occasions. If you create a talisman that makes you friendlier and more approachable, you’ll want to wear it when you’re out on a date. However, if you’re going out at night or to a new place, you’ll want to wear a talisman that protects you. You can even choose a talisman to wear or carry when performing a particular t
ask. You can treat it as a worry stone, rubbing it when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Your talisman will eventually get overridden with different energies, making it a good idea to cleanse and recharge it from time to time. If you use your talisman infrequently, you can put it in a box with citrine, which charges stones. If you have a metal talisman, consider cleansing them with the appropriate metal cleaner.


Talismans are a great way to set an intention for living life mindfully and intentionally. You’ll feel more empowered to make decisions, positioning yourself as the creator of your life. Talismans also make for great gifts, especially when you know someone who would benefit from an extra boost of positive energy.

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