Written in the Stars: All the Basics about Astrology Birth Charts

Written in the Stars: All the Basics about Astrology Birth Charts

People often attribute their luck and their future to their star signs. Since the beginning of time, people have looked up to the night sky for answers, hoping to get a clear glimpse of what lies ahead, may it be for personal reasons or for career-oriented goals. Indeed, astrology has its place in our lives, perhaps more than the other aspects that we enjoy and take for granted on a daily basis, much so that some can’t even make a decision without consulting the stars first.

If you happen to be one of those who are just starting to discover their love for the stars, chances are, you haven’t even heard of birth charts before. Basically, it indicates the exact positions of the stars and planets on the day you were born. While that may sound trivial at first, keep in mind that each positioning has its relevant meaning in our lives.

The positions of the stars and planets are more than enough to let you know more about your personality, how you may approach certain situations in your life, and what may lie ahead for you. If you want to understand more about this, look no further than the interesting tidbits we have written below for your reference.

1. Aside from the Obvious, What Can a Birth Chart Tell You?

While it is believed to indicate a person’s personality, it may also reveal their approach towards different conditions. You do not have to second guess any important aspects of your current situation, as you will be given a clue as to how each of them may affect the possible outcome. Now, do not mistake this for fortune-telling, as it definitely does not dwell in that regard.

Think of this as a form of analysis, where every step is guided by the position of the stars. You just have to think about the consequences and the different approaches that you are going to take.

2. Is Your Birth Chart Only Focused on Your Life?

No, as a matter of fact, it also indicates the type of relationship that you may have with others. This does not mean that you can just hang out with certain groups of people and ignore the rest. Simply put, this will guide you to recognize the type of people around you, their personalities, and whether or not you may have a good relationship with them or one that may be filled with conflict.

Never leave out the details of your connection with others and see to it that you will extend a hand of friendship every step of the way. The stars and their potions are only your guides, but a peaceful approach breaks through any chart or planetary placements.

3. Are Birth Charts Accurate?

As with all things in life, just because the stars and the planets say so much about you and the people around you doesn’t mean that they already decide how, where, and when everything will end up in the long run. You still have to make decisions that may either make or break your 
career, your status in life, and your relationships.
Always remember that a birth chart is only a guide, but you will still need to exert effort and make all the wise decisions that work best for you and the people around you.


Birth charts are quite difficult to read and interpret, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to get by with the right guidance and attitude in life. While not everything may be perfect at all times, you may still familiarize yourself with the different aspects of your stars and planets, correlating them with their positions during the time of your birth and determining how you could better approach the different situations that are right before you.

Study your birth chart, be one with your fortune, and control your destiny with the proper guidance of the astrological bodies.

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