Your Birth Chart Moon – La Luna 🌙

Your Birth Chart Moon – La Luna 🌙

By Margarita Celeste

La Luna – our favorite name for the mystical Moon, represents all that is feminine, nurturing, motherly and caring. In our Birth charts she particularly represents how we process feelings, what we need to feel safe, how we nurture ourselves, our daily habits, the connection to our feminine, our mothers and how we show care.

Next to the Sun, King of the heavens La Luna is his Queen. In western astrology the Sun has been praised as the main player in astrology, the symbol of masculinity, of drive, activity, and of achievement.

In contrast, in the east, the Moon is reversed as the symbol of the mother, of receptivity, and of sensitivity. In truth, these two should exist side by side in balance, rather than opposing each other. And as the Sun is our essential nature and outer self, the Moon is our inner self.

So, let’s get to the juicy bit how do we interpret the moon in our own birth charts?


La Luna and Her Element 

First, we address La Luna in her element. Is she in water? – Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces? Then her feeling nature is even more feely and sensitive. Is she in earth – Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn? Then she tends to be more stable, emotionally (except for you Moon in Virgo types – you’re a little more antsy).

Is La Luna to be found in fire? Aries, Leo or Sagittarius? Then, your emotional nature is fiery and self-expressive! And, if she is in air – Gemini, Libra or Aquarius – your Moon feels in her head and not her heart, analyzing, rationalizing, communicating.


La Luna And Her Sign

Adding another layer to La Luna, there are 12 signs she can be found in within our birth chart. Here are some quick key-words to understand how she shows up in your life:

Moon in Aries – fiery, volatile, honest, demanding, competitive

Moon in Taurus – indulgent, stable, stubborn, materially driven, sensual

Moon in Gemini - talkative, analytical, funny, nervous, clever

Moon in Cancer - nurturing, deeply sensitive, caring, moody

Moon in Leo – dramatic, warm, generous, loving, creative

Moon in Virgo - analyzing, routine-bond, sensible, nervous, helpful

Moon in Libra – relationship orientated, people-pleasing, charming, indecisive

Moon in Scorpio – intense, deep, loyal, obsessive, extreme

Moon in Sagittarius – fun, expanding, growth, traveler, fickle

Moon in Capricorn – serious, mature, repressed, grounded

Moon in Aquarius – sociable overthinking, detached, unusual

Moon in Pisces – compassionate, boundaries, spiritual, avoidant


These words can be used to describe your inner nature, your needs and the quality of the things that make you feel nurtured in life.


La Luna and Her House

Do you know what houses are? They are the places that things happen. The area of life, such as career, love or money.

Wherever the Moon is placed can also tell you what in your life changes (she is the Moon, after all, that’s what she does!), where you seek comfort, what you need to feel secure.

Here’s a quick-look at the house of your Moon and what gives you that feeling of safety in life:

Moon in first house – you need to feel seen, heard, validated and to do your own thing

Moon in second house - you need financial and physical security; money in the bank and a roof over your head

Moon in third house – you need to learn new things, to be close to your community and family

Moon in fourth house - you need privacy, seclusion, to be attached to your roots and homeland

Moon in fifth house ­– you need to play, be around or have children, nan be creative and expressive

Moon in sixth house – you need to be of service, to help & heal, to have structure and order

Moon in seventh house – you need one to one relationships that are close and personal

Moon in eighth house - you need intimacy, depth and to feel safe and secure with people

Moon in ninth house - our need to travel, teach, grow and have a spiritual philosophy

Moon in tenth house – you need a career, recognition, to be called to do something in the world.

Moon in eleventh house – you need your friends, your tribe and idealistic goals to direct you

Moon in twelfth house – you need escape from the world, to be alone, space and connection to service and the divine

Remember, even if you need these things to make you feel safe and secure, you may experience change in these areas as you make your way through life!

Once you trust the process, however, knowing that things are always in flux, you become more settled and less stressed when these areas are in a process of shifting.  You learn to trust that things will get better, because you will make sure they do!


La Luna and Her Aspects

The last and final layer of La Luna are her aspects to the planets. There are a few to take into account: the conjunction, opposition, square, sextile and trine. However, we will just give a few keywords of what the aspect combos are, as a general guide –

Moon/Sun: connect of inner and outer world of feminine to masculine – easy or hard.

Moon/Mercury: the heart and the mind work together - or not.

Moon/Venus: the feelings are wrapped up in relationships and love. Loving and sensuous.

Moon/Mars: passionate, intense – driven by emotion, you act on your feelings.

Moon/Jupiter: a sense of adventure and need for growth. Big, expansive feelings.

Moon/Saturn: serious emotions, growing up fast. a need for security and structure.

Moon/Uranus: erratic excitability. Easily overstimulated, restless and unsettled domestic life.

Moon/Neptune: dreamy, escaping, intuition is powerful. Empath or victim?

Moon/Pluto: powerful feelings, depth, crisis, drama and intensity. Need for control and meaning.


In Conclusion

As we can see, La Luna is ever-changing dependent on what influences her -  her element, sign, her house and aspect. These are your main layers in astrology. If you want more, try out a Birth Chart Report and get to know your La Luna better!

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