Your Weekly Astrological News & Horoscope | 10 - 16 April, 2023

Your Weekly Astrological News & Horoscope | 10 - 16 April, 2023

Venus in Gemini is ready to pick up speed and embrace variety and change! It’s time for a cosmic shift when it comes to love, money and what we value. Venus, ruler of all these topics and more, moves from one of her ‘home’ signs of Taurus into flighty, clever Gemini. 

So, for, now, it’s important to enjoy this exciting time and make the most of it. Seeing as Gemini is an air sign, we may want to have meaningful conversations with our partners. Talking things through and expressing our love in a verbal way are all ways to stoke the fire and passion of Venus in Gemini. We’ll want to be out in the world with our special someone, to see and be seen. Social gatherings are par for the course now, instead of intimate one-on-one time.

If we’re single, we may juggle much more than one love interest in these next few weeks. Think flirting, light banter and clever verbal battles. Of course, Gemini energy does come with a price tag. We do need to be extra careful of being cast in the role of heartbreaker or acting in a fickle, reckless way. As much fun as Venus in Gemini promises, we do need to be considerate of how our actions impact others

When it comes to finances, another domain that Venus rules, we may want to release the sometimes-possessive grip that Venus in Taurus has on their money and embrace a more free-flowing attitude. Gemini is an extremely clever and strategic sign, so use this time to make equally clever and strategic financial decisions. Think of every fine detail now, because you have the capacity to. Whilst this isn’t a materialistic energy, it is a great time to create a budget or make a spreadsheet of incoming and outgoing expenses, so that you can enjoy the flow that Gemini brings. Be prepared to adapt and change as the situation demands. 


So, with this cosmic heads-up, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign:



This week kicks off in a powerful way for you. Intense, deep connections can be experienced with family members and friends alike. You may feel, more than ever, that you’re part of a team. It’s special to have that support, to remember to have a moment of appreciation. As the week goes by, it’s possible that this powerful feeling may fade, to be replaced with a bit of insecurity and doubt. Don’t give into it. This is simply a test of your commitment.  


Venus, your planetary ruler, shifts into Gemini this week. You’ve enjoyed her presence for the last few weeks, so let her go with grace. Build on the momentum that you’ve created. Especially around your self worth. You’ll need it, as there are a few days this week where you may wonder if it was all a dream. The focus now moves onto material security for you. Choices need to be made, so make sure that these choices come from a secure place within yourself. 


You’ve got a fabulous few weeks coming up as Venus, planet of love, beauty and romance, arrives in your sign. This happens but once a year, signaling that it’s time for valuing and loving yourself. On a more superficial level, this time is about improving your outward image and looks. So, go get that expensive haircut, buy some new threads and spoil yourself a little. You’ll be feeling both empowered and a little insecure this week, which is great as it keeps things in balance. 


If you’re career-orientated, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the cosmos has great things in store for you this week. With the Sun and ‘lucky’ Jupiter linking up in your sign this week, there’s a great deal of growth to be had. This is the kind of energy that invites a promotion or some other kind of fortunate moment for you. Take the initiative when and if the opportunity presents itself. You won’t be sorry for it. 

LEO ♌︎

The Sun, your ruler, connects with Jupiter in a fiery, abundant conjunction aspect this week. For you, this seems to beckon adventure and freedom. So, if you’ve been hesitating or on the fence in any way, now would be your time to throw caution to the wind and go for what your soul is craving. Maybe you want to step into a mentorship position, or plan a trip. Maybe you want to sign up for a course or take a powerful spiritual journey. The choice is yours.


Venus, planet of relationships, moves into your career sector this week. This is a fabulous energy for networking and connecting with people. There’s a saying – ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. This may ring very true for you in these next few days. Initially, you may connect with some very powerful allies or other people that align with your cause. Then, there’ll be a few days of obstacles or rests but don’t let that stand in your way.


Your ruler, Venus, shifts into your fellow air sign of Gemini this week. You’ll love this energy, as it feels like ‘home’ for you. Relationships in general may feel lighter and brighter, and conversations deeper, more interesting. Connecting with teachers and professor types might be on the cards for you over these next several weeks. Travelling may also feature strongly, whether that’s in a tangible, physical way or in a more spiritual manner. Either way, you’re going to be passionate about growth.


This week, there’s pretty much nothing that you can’t take on. You have an abundance of physical energy as well as an enthusiastic attitude towards all aspects of your life. Even the mundane, humdrum parts of your daily routine may seem more exciting. It’s in these everyday moments that we find meaning and purpose. With this in mind, figure out what gives you joy on a day-to-day basis and do more of that. Don’t be shy to strike up big conversations about hard things – you’ll get through them much more easily this week.


Venus, planet of love and relationships, moves into your love and relationship sector this week. This is a welcome, soothing thing energy, especially considering what you’ve likely been through in the past few months. Now, even if you’re not in a romantic relationship, you could still find that this energy is great for platonic connections. You’ll probably be making so many more friends, and if you’re single, flirting up a storm.  Just be sure not to base your self-worth on what others think of you.


There’s an inner sense of joy available to you today. Your domestic situation looks like it’s improving, which may come as a big relief. For a change, your home life seems to be much more important than your professional world, which is unusual for you. Don’t question it too much. Simply enjoy being in this moment, because as you know, things always change, eventually. Time spent with loved ones and family is irreplaceable. Even things like chores and routine duties should feel easier and lighter as of this week.



This week sees Venus move into your play, pleasure, romance and creativity sector. Those of you who are single may find this an incredibly sensual time, and there’s much fun to be had. There’s nothing you enjoy more than some light bantering and sexy wordplay. Intelligent people are exactly your cup of tea, and you may encounter quite a few. If you’re coupled up, then this is a very connected time with your partner, bar a few intense moments of feeling a little insecure. Don’t give into any of that.  


You might be feeling extra-impulsive this week, particularly when it comes to finances. If you’re planning to online shop, be sure to have a budget for yourself, or else you may go over the top. With that said, you can still have fun. After all, why else do you work so hard? Your home life may also be particularly pleasurable from this point onwards. Though, there will be a few days where you may be asked to work a little harder on a particular relationship. 

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