Your Weekly Horoscope - 27 March to 3 April, 2023

Your Weekly Horoscope - 27 March to 3 April, 2023

Greetings! It’s a new week, with all kinds of new potential. Our major weekly cosmic event has to be the move of Mercury into the sign of Taurus. He’ll be spending an extended amount of time here, seeing as this is the sign that he’ll be retrograding in. 

What does it mean when the messenger planet is in Taurus? Well, firstly, it’s a very refreshing change of pace from speedster Aries into this earthy and placid sign. Our minds may have been working at a million miles per minute previously, and now it’s time to slow down and smell the roses, quite literally. When Mercury is in Taurus, our minds and thoughts turn towards practical, grounded topics such as home, money and physical security. 


Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign:


You have such determination going for you this week, Aries. your ruler, Mars, connects to Saturn in a very persistent trine aspect. Whatever you need to get done, you’ll get it done. Your home, financial security and family are what matters to you at the moment, and you’re probably thinking of how you can create more security and stability here. Decisions relate to income and earnings, as well as shared finances, seem to be a hot topic for you. 

Mercury, planet of communication, is now moving into your sign, where he’ll be staying for almost two months. This brings the focus squarely on you, your ideas your opinions, your mind. You’ll probably be much more outspoken than you usually are, which is a great thing, seeing as for the last few weeks, you’ve probably been a little withdrawn. Yet, just be careful that you’re not forgetting to listen, too. Your voice is strong, and influential, but it’s important not to shush others when they have something to share. 

Your ruler, Mercury, changes sign this week and moves into grounded Taurus, for an extended stay. Seeing as Taurus rules the sector of your Astrology chart connected to solitude and retreat, you’ll probably feel more quiet than usual. You’ll enter into a space of reflection and contemplation. This week does bring a moment of obsession, in which you could get rather caught up and dig yourself into a hole. Yet, out of this potentially dark place comes great insight – deep insight. 

Look at you go! You not only have the energy to complete a task, but you have the dedication, persistence and willpower to see it all the way to the very end. Your consistency and commitment are admirable, and you’ll be able to work through any obstacles this week, big or small. Not to mention that you’re also likely to tackle emotional issues with a level head and grounded approach. Career is also sparkly and pretty, with all kinds of new potentials coming your way. 

LEO ♌︎
All the cosmic energy is gathering in your career sector to create the perfect storm of excitement. Maybe career isn’t your thing though – maybe you’re more about a ‘calling’, which could be anything at all, from housekeeping, to child-rearing, to pursuing something creative. Whatever you do, do it this week with an open mind. Be methodical, yet open to surprises. Don’t be afraid to ask for money or other compensation for your skills and talents because you really do deserve the reward. 

Your ruler, Mercury, changes sign this week and heads into your fellow earth sign of Taurus. This will probably come as quite a relief, what with the messenger planet having recently been in Aries, a sign which make you feel quite unsettled with its reckless energy. Now that Mercury’s moved on, you're focused on expanding your knowledge base and possibly even thinking about how to get enough resources to travel, study or otherwise grow yourself.  Philosophical conversations become more practically oriented, too. 

Relationships take front and center stage at the start of this week. Very exciting new plans are being made, and you’ll probably find that the people in your world are actually quite inspiring., be they friend, lover, or even colleagues. These bright sparks eventually shift into a more grounded space, where you may start discussing the actual practicalities of the next steps, which helps you to feel closer and more supported. Expect a sudden windfall or gift this week. 

As a sign that tends to be rather ‘fixed’ in your ways, you could find that this week brings along the ability and opportunity to negotiate and compromise that much more easily. This may be with your beloved partner or perhaps someone you work with. Others in your world are likely to bring you some new and refreshing ideas, ideas that open and expand your mind towards horizons that you never thought possible before. Together, you have the drive, creativity and determination to succeed at anything you do. 

This week starts off on an amazing note for you. Playfulness, creativity and new ideas are on the cards, especially with a romantic partner, if you have one. Or, you may just be going out to meet new people and flirting up a storm. Things do shift later in the week, as you move into a more responsible, sober and serious phase, where work becomes all-important. Developing some sort of routine and making healthy lifestyle decisions are likely to be topmost on your mind. 

Get romantic this week! Take your honey out on the most exciting date that you can think of, and try something outside of your comfort zone. You may be surprised at how much this brings a light, refreshing energy to your relationship. If romance is not your thing right new, try being creative. Why not learn something like mosaic, pottery or another activity that (literally) gets your hands dirty? There’s something wonderful about getting into the flow this week and letting go of all responsibilities and worries. 

You may have a sudden change of mind – or heart – when it comes to a home or family matter this week. Maybe it’s as extreme as deciding to give your notice on your apartment, or putting in an offer on your dream home. Or, perhaps the perfect roommate comes along, or the ideal piece of furniture for that corner you’ve been pondering about. Expect the unexpected this week and enjoy the rollercoaster! Trust that any decision you make will be the right one, because despite the chaos, you’re in the perfect frame of mind right now. 


You have so much power, drive and determination at the moment. No wishy-washy half-hearted behavior from you! When you set your mind to something new, you’ll do it, no matter how hard or challenging it becomes. By the end of the week, you’ll be amazed at just how far you’ve come. Your mind is working hard now, but in a way that’s methodical, calm and grounded.  People are listening to what you have to say and looking up to you for your persistence.

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