Sound Healing Experience, New Moon Ritual & more!

The universe awaits you this week! So we are happy to bring you your Weekly Horoscope, our Cosmic Do’s & Don’ts’s guide for the week, a magical New Moon Ritual and a powerful Sound Healing experience!

Everything is energy, and everything vibrates. What vibrates generates a frequency, then a sound. Then everything is sound. Above all,  we believe that the main purpose of music has been almost lost throughout the development of this modern society.
Our proposal is that you feel this audio as if it was a live session - as if we were in the same room. Today we know the influence of sound under our psyche, blood circulation and brain functions, so we created this experience for this purpose so that you really feel the sound - not only listen.
It is important to wear comfortable clothes during the session, seeking a safe and comfortable space. Breathing plays an important role in our lives, controlling our metabolism and our mood - during the session, try to maintain a deep and conscious breath, making long and complete cycles.
Put on your headphones and get ready to heal yourself from the inside!

Antonio Arvind - Multi-instrumentalist sound healer, sound designer and Pantam builder at Satya Sound Sculptures, based in Ubatuba/SP, and member of PazCiência Collective.
Satya Sound Sculptures - Our instruments are the result of incessant research since 2011. Each Atma Pantam — the name of our sound sculpture — is a unique piece of art, since all building process is handmade. Due to our passion for studying new technologies to build sound sculptures, we became the first company from the Americas to develop Handpans using stainless steel, we are the actual holders of the world record in the number of notes (total 28 notes), and inventors of many revolutionaries sound models for Pantam/Handpan. 

The first Pantam ever build was inspired by two instruments: “Steel Pan” (Caribbean) and “Ghatam” (Indian). As a result of the addition of these two names, the instrument was named Pantam.

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PazCiência - Founded by Guilherme Alves. We are a transdisciplinary collaborative collective that offers a range of diverse therapeutic sets and settings focused on developing familiarity with your purpose in Life (Dharma), your gifts, your inner guidance, and self-expression.

Based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and traveling worldwide, We work with small groups and individual clinic sessions/retreats, seeking to meet the particularities of one person's needs on the path of self-development by bringing together different modalities and procedures from Yoga .:. Ayurveda world.

Demystifying aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda, and shamanism into a simple and accessible language, integrating the teachings of ancient traditions into an innovative transdisciplinary methodology for a Science of Peace.

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