About Us

Ephemeris. The celestial navigation, the space between you and your true nature. Your connection with the elements that surround your body and move your soul. The phases that go beyond words that raise the water and scent the air. The forms that exceed the meanings of the spoken names. 

Turn into eternity a moment that happened briefly, leaving a mark that will be in your heart forever. Life is a time spell, and you’re the magic itself. 


Ephemeris's mission is to provide you with a deep understanding of yourself through the science of Astrology while helping bring more magic to the world. 

It's not just bringing astrology to paper and art, its about commemorating and remembering special moments in the social media age where everything is digital and fast forgotten.

Ephemeris is the bridge that connects you to your stars, that brings your planets closer to you and help you master your sky. 

Count on us to be with you on your journey into self-discovery and alignment.