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birth chart necklace Birth Chart Talisman Birth Chart Talisman Birth Chart Talisman Birth Chart Talisman

Birth Chart Talisman + Custom Engraving

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A beautiful and accurate birth chart talisman handcrafted to last a lifetime.

  • Stay grounded as the stars shift
  • Radiate your cosmic energy
  • Decipher the map of your soul
  • Learn astrology with your birth chart
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  • Size & Materials

    Chain: 18-23” (46.5-60.5cm) unissex adjustable surgical grade stainless steel. Pendant: 1.1in/28mm sq. high-quality surgical grade stainless steel with a heavy feel.

  • Shipping

    All orders are shipped from Chapel Hill, NC. Orders take on average 1-3 days to process. Domestic/US Orders: 3 to 7 days on average. Free for all purchases. International Orders: 7-14 days depending on location. Free for orders over $100.

  • Returns

    Ephemeris has a 30-day happiness guarantee as per FAQ. If needed, just reach out to within 30 days and we’ll get it sorted for you, free of charge!

Beautifully Handcrafted

A beautifuly unique and accurate birth chart at the palm of your hands, at all times.

Handcrafted & Accurate

A unique and accurate birth chart at the palm of your hands, at all times.

3 Color Options

Silver, gold and rose gold finish option with two different styles to make it even more uniquely yours.

Custom Engraving

Add more meaning to your talisman by adding a personalized message to be carved directly into the metal.

The Talisman Experience

3 Personalized Reports

Have you ever wished to really understand your birth chart and its implications throughout time? We got something for you!

✨ Birth Chart Report

Crazy accurate interpretation of the map of your soul. An immersive dive into Astrology from the perspective of your birth chart.

💫 Transits Forecast Report

Learn about how the heavens interact with your own birth chart through time. The original and true horoscope.

🪐 Saturn Cycles Report

Saturn is the teacher of the Zodiac. Its 29 year cycles govern our growth and development.

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What You Get

What's part of your Ephemeris Talisman experience:

  • Ephemeris Birth Chart Talisman
  • Birth Chart Reading Report
  • Solar Return Report
  • Saturn Return Report
  • Gift Box
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My chart is different. What system do you use? Can I change it?

    All charts use tropical zodiac and placidus house system as default. We also take into account DST (daylight saving) for every chart. You can change those on the "Advanced Options" when filling your information. If you want to add asteroids/lots or change the orbs/aspects configurations please send us a message at with your order number and custom request. We will email you a preview before your custom configuration piece goes into production.

  • I don't know my birth time. Can I still have a birth chart?

    Yes! We have a special configuration for chart with unknown birth time. It is exactly like a regular chart but has two omissions: chart angles and houses. Although those are important information a birth chart without them still contains a lot of wisdom that can guide and inspire you.

  • I have allergies, is it safe to wear?

    All our jewelry is made from surgical grade stainless steel and should be safe to wear for almost everyone. The alloy has a small amount o nickel in its composition and people with extreme nickel sensitivities should do a sensitivity test before wearing it.

  • I didn't receive my reports. How are they sent?

    If for some reason you didn't receive your reports please send us a message at Reports are sent on a QR Code that goes inside the box itself. A copy is also sent to the email provided at checkout.

  • What about stelliums? How do you handle them?

    Stelliums are a conjunction of 3 or more planets in a single house. Due to the small nature of the talisman it can cause some planets to appear on top of each other. We take a lot of care on rendering those, to not only keep it beautiful but also true to the nature of the chart. On extreme cases, when needed, we go for accuracy over aesthetics.