Discover Your Zodiac Crystals & Powersđź’Ž

Discover Your Zodiac Crystals & Powersđź’Ž

Each Zodiac Sign has a natural affinity with certain Crystals


...and the combination of your Sun Sign & Moon Sign Crystals can generate a powerful and magical exchange of energies as each Crystal resonates at a different frequency, aligning with and shifting your own internal energetic vibrations.

Find out the perfect Crystal for each Zodiac Sign and their properties:

This is a particularly helpful crystal for Aries because it will assist with your motivation and drive, enhancing Aries’ natural leadership qualities and also help to balance some of Aries' more fiery qualities, by providing patience, calm, and understanding.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and commonly have difficulty letting go of material things, feelings, and people. Rose quartz, universally known as the stone of love, works by undoing all grudges, hurt, anger, jealousy, enabling emotional healing so that the person knows how to give and receive love unconditionally.

This stone is endowed with great mental and vital energy (just like geminis) and a very high power to activate creativity. It helps natives of this sign to awaken their gifts and become more creative. Agate can be a powerful tool to attract luck and balance, which helps Geminis to better organize their emotions and awaken their sympathy.

Blue Quartz is associated with the sign of Cancer as it brings tranquility, balances the mind, increases concentration, promotes harmony with the spiritual world, and awakens the ability to see beyond, encouraging connection with the spiritual nature of each person.

Pyrite is known for its reflective exuberance and sunny disposition. This Sun-ruled crystal can help Leo shine their brightest without ever getting too close to the actual sun, so to speak. This is an ideal stone to charge-up creativity and protect Leo from harmful negativity and to help them shine their beautiful light without blinding themselves, or others.

 This powerful gemstone prevents the somatization of stress due to a high standards routine. Its natural properties calms the nervous system, helping Virgos to find a more effective and assertive way of expression. Amazonite also represents the balance between masculine and feminine energy, so it helps us to see both sides of an issue from different points of view.
Venus, the lord of Libra, shares cordial relation with the ruler of the Emerald gem, which is mercury. Consequently, the natives of Libra who adopt this stone can capitalize the enormous benefits being offered by potent planet mercury. Carrying an Emerald can enhance Libra’s intellectual capacity, their reasoning ability and, of course, increase their linguistic and communication skills

Black Tourmaline is considered a go-to stone for cleansing, protection, and transformation. It channels light to repel or dissolve darkness. It is an ideal stone to protect your field and spaces, it is the guardian of your luminous energy, it protects from any psychic, emotional and spiritual attack.

Full of brilliance and with the transparency of honesty, Transparent Quartz will give Sagittarians a sense of clarity and purity. Its strength and light also alleviate existential crises and can illuminate new paths in personal, spiritual and professional life and get rid of any negativity that may be blocking them from reaching their goals.

The use of the powerful gemstone associated with this zodiac can help Capricornians in enhancing optimism and inner balance, improve leadership skills, and achieve abundance throughout their journey towards success as it helps you harness inner strength, pushes aside mental roadblocks, and dissolves self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Amethyst is considered the stone of Aquarius, as it is related to transformation and luck and conveys peace, harmony, tranquility, and spirituality. It is calming, removing negative energies and inviting good vibes. Amethyst helps to balance our thoughts, stimulating or calming them as needed, in order to help our mental balance.

Fuchsite has an energy that resonates with the heart chakra and has strong transformational and healing properties. This beautiful stone helps to put Pisces in their power, gives energy and provides relief from the emotional stress, which is perceived by the most sensitive people, such as Piscians.

Handcrafted with intention using genuine Crystals from South America, The Crystal Necklace carries your Sun Sign Crystal and your Moon Sign Crystal, making it a unique combination of your energies and powers.

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