Jupiter goes into Taurus after 12 Years & Your Horoscopes | 15 -21 May, 2023

Jupiter goes into Taurus after 12 Years & Your Horoscopes | 15 -21 May, 2023

It’s the week that we’ve all been waiting for in delicious anticipation! Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance, shifts from fiery, fast-paced Aries into gentle, patient and sensual Taurus. Yummy!

The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was in 2011, around 12 years ago. What grew in your life back then? Take a walk down memory lane and see if there was anything that stood out for you, any area of your world that was activated by a sense of expansion.


If you want to enjoy a full cosmic guide on this growth-orientated transit, click here. Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign:




Wave goodbye to Jupiter! He’s been gracing your sign for about a year, bringing you expansion, growth and lucky opportunities. Don’t feel sad – it’s likely that even you struggled to keep up the pace, anyway. Build on the moment that you gathered, instead. How can you ground the actions – some of them quite impulsive – that you took lately? How can you make sure that these initiatives are able to be expressed in your material world? Think money. Think investing. Think building on skills and talents.



This is your year! The year that you’ve been waiting for, for at least twelve years. Yes, that long. What happened for you around 2011? Expect more of that kind of growth and expansion. The Universe has seen fit to load you with blessings and abundance, so step forward and take them. Don’t allow any not-enoughness, any lack of worth, prevent you from spreading your wings. You deserve every good thing, and much more. Whether it’s a travel adventure you’re embarking upon, or moving into a role of wisdom and knowledge, it’s all about personal growth. 


The growth that comes with Jupiter moving in Taurus, for you, happens behind the scenes. In other words, it’s focused on the inside. Your spiritual development happens through the act of taking your healing into your own hands. And in some ways, this is a very physical thing. It’s not enough to pray and meditate. Your personal expansion happens when you get in touch with your body, your senses and the earth beneath you. Retreats into nature, for example, may the very medicine that your Soul needs most right now. So, feed it. 


If you’ve been feeling cut off from community, or simply eager to connect to new people, then this transit has good news for you. For the next year or so, your friendship sector is due to receive a major boost, with some wonderful new connections coming your way. You may even find that these connections extremely grounding for you, helping you to feel safe, loved and cherished, speaking of love, this transit also increases your ability to receive love and feel special. You’ve got so much to look forward to!

LEO ♌︎

If you’re career-orientated then the move of Jupiter into Taurus should feel very exciting for you. Taurus rules this sector of your Astrology chart, you see. Thus, you should be receiving all kinds of exciting offers and opportunities to expand and grow, whatever your line of business happens to be. it’s going to come easily, so don’t worry about putting too much effort in. Your job is to recognize what the Universe wants to give you and open up your arms wide to receive.  Your calling - professional or personal - is waiting for you. Own it.


As an earth sign, you're going to love the transit of Jupiter in Taurus. Growth comes naturally and easily now, and opportunities to tidy, trail or otherwise experience a personal expansion, are likely to flow. Don’t take any of it for granted. It’s not often that these cosmic doors open so wide and so easily. Your soul is likely yearning for freedom, but in a way that's grounded and practical - no one does those qualities quite like you. So, go ahead and map out the path to be able to spread those wings of yours.



Not only is Taurus a financial sign, but the area that Jupiter is going to travel through is also linked to material matters for you. It’s a double-whammy of abundance, in all the very best of ways. For the next year or so, you should be receiving all kinds of unexpected benefits and support from sources outside of yourself – your spouse, the bank, your business partner, family…..you get the drift! The time will come for you to give back, so for now, enjoy these spoils. The only warning is to be mindful of overindulgence, as you may rack up debt without even realizing it. 


Taurus is your opposite sigma did you know that? As such your relationships with other people – romantic, platonic or professional – is in the spotlight for the next year to come. Is it going to be good? You bet it is. Things have likely been very up and down in these past few years, and Jupiter offers a reprieve, as well as some grounding and stability. Opportunities flow through the people closest to you. You could almost see them as your ‘lucky charm’. Growth is most experienced when you allow yourself to collaborate, negotiate and share.  


Jupiter is your ruler, so this is a big deal for you. Having just been in your fellow fire sign of Aries, you’ve probably been having all kinds of lovely adventures lately. – especially in the romance and creativity department! Now’s the time to get grounded and comfortable in a routine that you enjoy. If you’ve been neglecting your body and lifestyle, this is a great time for healing and doing activities that are nurturing. Work should go swimmingly, with plenty of opportunity coming your way.  


As the last (but by no means least) of the earth signs, this transit is likely to serve you extremely well. Entering your creativity and love-given sector, it’s all about the romance, the play, the fun. For you, more than anyone else, this period urges and encages you to get in touch with your senses. To expand your sensuality. To let your inner child come out and play. You work so hard- it’s time to find a balance. Maybe you’ll even fall in love – either with yourself or with someone special – this could be someone you meet or someone you’re already with. Yum! 




Jupiter graces your domestic sector with his transit into Taurus. It’s likely that things have felt somewhat unsettled here lately, with sudden changes sweeping in out of nowhere. Now’s your chance to get grounded again, to cultivate both inner and outer security. Sure, there’s still change afoot, but it’ll likely be the positive kind. Family relationships, roommate situations and marriages will all improve beautifully, with an energy of harmony and safety being nurtured. Your foundations are expanding. Enjoy the sense of wellbeing that comes with this.   


It’s time to hit the road and enjoy getting out and about. Connecting to community is a must, so go ahead and make those new friends. Explore your neighborhood, explore your local area. Go on little trips that nourish your soul. Make sure it’s in nature. Indulge your mind by enrolling on a course of studies that excite you. Better yet, step into the role of sacred coach and mentor. Your mind is popping off with creative ideas at the moment, and you need to share these with the world at large.


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