Jupiter's New Annual Cycle & Your Horoscope | 1 – 7 May 2023

Jupiter's New Annual Cycle & Your Horoscope | 1 – 7 May 2023

This is a big week, astrologically speaking. It’s the cosmic moment that we’ve all been waiting for! Jupiter, planet of abundance, gifts and good luck, changes signs after a whole year in fiery Aries. Now he shifts into grounded Taurus, expanding the qualities of this earthy, sensual sign. It’s going to be delicious, folks. 

Jupiter is known for expanding the qualities of the sign he transits, so for the next year – yes, a whole year! – qualities such as routine, material security, sensuality, safety and luxury are all due for growth. Taurus rules our home, our bank account, our gardens, our food. It’s time to fully embrace and enjoy the physical aspects of our existence. To curl up in the fluffiest blanket, drink the most decadent of hot chocolates and watch reruns of our favorite, most comforting show.


If you wanna explore how to make the very most of this annual cycle, click here. Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign:



Venus, planet of love and beauty, heads into your domestic sector this week. For you, this highlights all things home-related, bringing a soft, loving and emotional energy to anything connected to family. You may even be feeling uncharacteristically sentimental, so go ahead and take that walk down memory lane. Give your pet, parent or partner a hug. Give yourself a hug. Cry any tears and simply be in this space. Make sure that your home is reflective of safety – a sanctuary that you can come back to when the world outside is defeating you. 


This Eclipse is a big one for you. Yes, it happens in Scorpio, but with the Sun in your sign (and the Moon opposite to it), there’s a great deal of emphasis on your personal path and sense of identity. What’s changing for you right now? What old ideas need to be released so that you can step into a new version of yourself? More specifically, what relationships need to be let go of so that you can be more of you? These can be past or present. The Universe may even step in and do the work for you. Let it. 


There may be a sense of uneasiness in the air this week. You could feel, deep down, that there’s a person or situation that’s not to be trusted, particularly when it comes to work. Yet at the same time, you may also need to question yourself to see if your actions and words are in alignment. Maybe you're sending out mixed signals. Avoid making any major decisions right now, because you could get rather lost on the details and miss important facts. With your ruler, Mercury, meeting up with the Sun, there can be some pressure. Keep your thoughts to yourself, for now. 


Eclipses are a lot for you. Seeing the Moon is your ruler, you’ll always feel these cosmic events quite intensely. And this one is particularly powerful. La Luna isn’t always comfortable in Scorpio, and she may mirror some deep traumas for you, especially when it comes to love and relationships. This is a time to do the deep healing. Your inner child needs you more than ever. Maybe it’s also time to release an old connection – friendship or romance – so that you can make space for the new.  

LEO ♌︎

Your ruler, the Sun, connects to Mercury this week. The coming together of purpose and the intellect could birth some powerful new ideas for you, especially in the realm of your career, if career is your thing. You could get seriously creative now, so don’t hold back. Your creativity could be partnered up with a solid, realistic outlook, which is a rare combination to have. The Eclipse is intense, but it could birth a few new beginnings for you, as long as you learn to let go. 


Your ruler, Mercury, meets up with the Sun this week in a strong conjunction aspect this week. It’s an alignment the highlights your knowledge and wisdom, and perhaps even kicks off a new cycle of learning. New ideas may com flooding in, so let them. Whatever you do, don’t allow anyone else to inform your ideas and plans. Trust yourself this week, and yourself only. Others in your world may not be all that trustworthy right now, probably not through any fault of their own. Be your own anchor. 


Your ruler, Venus changes signs this week and heads into sensitive, empathetic Cancer. This is the sign that rules your career sector, so these qualities are best channeled into this area for you. where can you be more sensitive, bring greater compassion in? It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it’s professional or personal. What matters is how you connect to others, and how deeply you do it. Right before Venus changes signs, there’ll be a wobbly moment, so be careful of fully trusting a situation until you know for sure what’s what.  


This Eclipse is quite the doozy for you, being in your own sign and all. There could be a major, powerful purge of some area in your world, and it’s up to you to take it in your stride. If the Universe seems to be taking the wheel, let it. Surrender control. This is your soul lesson, and you know it. Relationships in particular could be a beneficial area of you, if you communicate your feelings and boundaries. Your identity is shifting, and the connections you have need to be able to adapt. 


As a fire sign, you have powerful intuition. You know when something is off. But sometimes you don’t fully trust yourself. This week, listen carefully within to the message that’s being communicated to you. Better yet, listen to the feelings beneath the words. If it doesn’t sit right with you, call the person you’re communicating with out. Don’t be scared to insist on honesty. After all, it’s one of the cornerstone qualities most important to you.  Lastly, if there’s a crisis or situation that’s calling for an ending, let it happen. It’ll be ultimately in your favor. 


Pluto goes retrograde this week, which means that he’s ending closer and closer towards your sign again. Get ready for unfinished business to start getting wrapped up. Yet, before this happens, you need to allow the Eclipse energy to remove whatever needs to be removed. Think of this as replanting your garden and getting rid of any weeds. Friendships and romantic connections in particular may reach a crisis point, where there’s a choice to find balance or let go entirely. It’s up to you. 



There may be a particular decision that’s coming to a head right about now. This decision seems to be mainly focused around your home and living situation. Your comfort and stability should be your greatest priority now. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need. Trust that communication will flow for you. The Eclipse may also root out a toxic – home or otherwise – that needs to leave your world. Let go. Find your power. You’re already halfway there. 


Neptune, currently in your sign, connects to Venus this week in a wobbly square aspect. This may reveal an underbelly of problems in your home environment, maybe due to a lack of boundaries. Be sure to stand your ground and not try to rescue anyone or play the victim. This energy moves along swiftly, so don’t sweat it. Play, love and romance are all on the cards for you as this week progresses along. This makes it easy to forget and let go of any drama. 

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