Solar Eclispe & Horoscope | 17 - 23 April, 2023

Solar Eclispe & Horoscope | 17 - 23 April, 2023

Well, hello there, Eclipse Season. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you! Our last Eclipse period was during October and November of 2022, so we’ve had a good, 6-month respite. With the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19 we’ll be, once again, thrown into chaos and accelerated change. 

This particular Eclipse has connotations with romance, sensuality, passion and drive. Not surprising, when we consider the fiery energies of Aries, the sign of this New Moon Eclipse! Eclipse also has a slightly darker symbolism. You see, the idea is that consciousness is light. Unconsciousness is dark (in very simplistic terms!). Eclipses block out the light of one or both of the Luminaries – either the Sun or the Moon. Thus, we are plunged into the murky depths of unconsciousness, where all sorts of karmic doorways get opened.  

If you wanna dive deeper into this subject and explore the Do’s and Don’ts’s of how we can harness the power of this cosmic energy, click here. Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign:



Wow – what a week you’ve got ahead of you! A powerful Solar Eclipse in your sign is a seriously big deal. It’s not the first lunation in your sign. More or less a month ago, you had another Aries New Moon, on the Equinox. This is the second round, so if you feel you missed something back then, you’ve got another chance. Essentially, this Eclipse is all about starting over, and putting yourself first. The world is your oyster, and it’s all up to you to make the very most of the opportunities coming up.


Aside from the Eclipse buzz, this week holds a special moment for you. The Sun is slipping into your sign, making this the start of your Birthday Season and a whole new chapter. From now, its time to reassess where you’re headed. Is what you’re doing – relationship-wise, career-wise or anything else – aligned to your values? Is there a way that you can create safe change? Change that you feel comfortable with? Now’s not the time to stick to your comfort zone anymore.


Oops! There goes your ruler, Mercury, into retrograde again. Happening in Taurus, this one is all about withdrawing, reflecting and tending to your inner world. You may revisit the past in some way, either through memory or in some other way. That saying about exes coming back? That’s true this time around. Does that mean you should get back together with them? Absolutely not. That’s simply asking for trouble. Rather take the time to journal and talk things through with a therapist of some kind.


Eclipses are usually big for you. You feel them, all the way down to your little toes. Try to rest up as much as you can with this one, because the chances are good that some very big things are coming your way quite soon. If you’re career-oriented, then you may be happy to know that things are due to develop extremely fast in this area over the next several months. Maybe you're starting something all on your own, or you're ready to take some other kind of massive leap.

LEO ♌︎

Solar Eclipses involve your ruler, the Sun, making this an important moment for you. Adventure has been at your doorstep for weeks now – will you heed the call? Your personal growth should be topmost on your list of priorities at the moment, whichever way you look at it. Opportunities may come knocking in these next several weeks, and it’s up to you to explore what they could mean for you. Plus, the Sun is also changing signs right after the Eclipse, indicating a big shift in energy towards your career / calling.


Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde this week, Virgo. This may put somewhat of a spanner in the works when it comes to anything travel or study-related for you. expect slowdowns. Expect delays. Expect lost papers or wrong details on itineraries. Double-check all the things, as you always do, and you’ve just fine. Maybe revisit some old philosophies that used to feed you and see if they still have allure now. The chances are good that you could polish a few of these off and use them as a guiding star.


The Aries Solar Eclipse occurs in your relationship sector, making this a very important cosmic moment for you. Your relationships are particularly highlighted, and you may find your partner is the one that initiates change. Perhaps they’re suggesting stepping up to a new paradigm, such as marriage or cohabitation, or maybe it’s the opposite, where they want to call things quits. Before you panic, first take a good look at your relationship. If its healthy, things will go well, if not, it is better to walk away. Those of you who are single may have a major love affair in the months to come.


People may not be doing what they say or saying what they do. Yes, this can be annoying, but it is the start of Mercury retrograde – what else would you expect? Try not to take this on as a personal betrayal. The chances are good that it’s not about you at all. Focus instead on the potentially exciting projects that seem to be unfolding for you at the moment, possibly work-wise. Your health may also be taking a turn for the better, or maybe you’re putting into place new habits that get you all kinds of excited!


Another absolutely amazing week is on the cards for you, Sagittarius, what with the Solar Eclipse in your play, fun and pleasure sector. This means that you can kick off a wonderful new hobby, passion or activity. Maybe you started this a few months ago already and the Universe is giving you another opportunity to really solidify it. Love and romance seem to also be big themes for you, and you’re either headed to meet someone special, or enjoying a time of increased passion in your existing relationship.


Right after a Solar Eclipse in your home and roots sector, the Sun heads into the area of your Astrology chart related to pleasure and playfulness. So, any seriousness left over from the days gone by should dissolve in a haze of laughter and fun. Sensual pleasure seems especially important, so don’t be afraid to take what is your rightful heritage as a human being. Pleasure can be enjoyed for the sake of it, not just because you worked so hard.



Have conversations with people this week – especially people whom you consider to be family or very close friends. Get their insight, but don’t push your ideas, not them. You’ll need their insight for the issues you may soon face around your living situation. Mercury goes retrograde here, you see, which may throw certain decisions into confusion. As such, store these insights and put them into motion in about three weeks, when Mercury starts to behave properly again.


This Eclipse may bring in in a few weeks’ time, a bumper financial season. You’ve probably already been having quite a bit of material opportunities come your way, and the Universe is set to reward you even more. However, you do need to be careful of jumping the gun and being too impulsive. Yes, you’ll probably land on your feet, but you don’t want to be too risky, now do you? Unless you're absolutely sure of course. Your confidence is at an all-time high, after all.

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