Venus Square Chiron & Your Horoscopes | 29 May - 4 June, 2023

Venus Square Chiron & Your Horoscopes | 29 May - 4 June, 2023

Ever heard of Chiron? He’s not part of the usual family of planets, so don’t worry if this is a completely new word in your Astrological vocabulary. In some ways, he symbolizes the classic ‘Abandonment Wound’ that many of us carry. Yet, fortunately, Chiron went on to achieve great things, becoming a renowned artist and healer. 

So, what happens when Venus and Chiron get together? Well, seeing as Venus, in her deepest essence, represents all things love-related, this is primarily going to ignite any wounds or hurt around this sensitive topic. Venus is in Cancer at the moment, so there’s a need for emotional nurturing and care, for heart-relating. We may be moodier than usual with our loved ones. We may even be inclined to look at the past with more sentimental eyes and yearn for days gone by. Or, maybe we’re cultivating happy memories. It’s probably a little of both. 

Yet, transits like these are a golden opportunity to really come face to face with our own patterns. We tend to be fearful of experiencing pain – which is completely normal. Yet, it’s in that experience that we find the medicine, the healing. Chiron himself had to sit with his pain, day in and day out. His arrow wound never fully healed, but it made him a master of his craft and more empathetic towards himself and others. 

Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 29 May - 4 June:




This Full Moon involves your planetary ruler, Mars. With a strong trine between La Luna and the Warrior God, you’re all fired up and ready to go, go, go! Yet, there are a couple of obstacles that may appear along the way. There’s nothing you dislike more than limitations, and so, you may push even harder. Yet, it seems as if it seems as if you’re the one standing in your own way this week. Maybe you have a couple of limiting beliefs going on, or unprocessed baggage from the past that’s holding you back. Now’s the time to shine a light into those dark corners. 


Feeling romantic? You should be, what with the current cosmic energy that’s unfolding at the moment. It’s somehow ever so easy to sprinkle your words with kindness and compassion. To imbue your message with imagination and artistry. Speaking of artistry, this is the ideal week to be connecting with a creative community, a community that inspires you to tap into that side of yourself. When you take a break from the business of making money, you’ll be pleased to discover this side of yourself, thats perhaps lain dormant for a while.



Your ruler, Mercury, connects to electric Uranus this week. This brings the brightest of ideas, yet you may not be entirely ready as yet to reveal them. Take your time. Let things simmer a little. The time will come when you reveal your ‘Eureka’ moment to the world. Besides, you seem to be changing your mind quite rapidly, so it’s probably best not to rock the boat just yet. If there’s any anxiety going on, ground yourself into mama earth. Tune into your senses. Remember, you have a body that wants to hold you and keep you safe. 


Venus is in your sigma at the moment, and this week, she’s flirting in a dreamy trine aspect with planet Neptune. This is a classic heart-opening energy, so don’t hold back. This isn’t a dangerous aspect, so it’s unlikely that your vulnerability will be taken advantage of.  If you’re feeling a strong connection to anything and everything ‘Divine”, this aspect would be the reason why. Go ahead and pray, meditate, contemplate. Allow the intuition to flow. Be connected to everything and everyone around you. Isn’t it just delicious? 

LEO ♌︎

Full Moons are important for you, seeing as your ruler, the Sun, is involved. This week’s Full Moon lights up the sector of your Astrology chart connected to play, creativity and passion. Perhaps a touch of romance, too. There’s a climax here, perhaps one that’s been boiling for quite some time already. The thing is, you may not feel much like playing. Maybe you’ve got certain responsibilities weighing on you, or maybe you’re blocking yourself, out of guilt. Figure out which of this it is for you. Don’t stop giving love - either to yourself or to others. 


This week, it may feel as if someone’s come along and switched on a light in your head. Something at seems impossible to shift before – a perspective or an actual situation – suddenly changes. This may leave you with a few questions, but don’t spend too much time overthinking it. Enjoy the freedom that this experience is bringing you, even if it feels like freefalling. The Full Moon in Sagittarius may bring something at home to a climax. The important thing now is to make sure others aren’t overly restricting on your freedom. If they are, find ways to work around it. 



You know that you have a lot to offer. As a naturally creative sign, you're someone that simply needs a chance to express this side of yourself. The week ahead seems to bring you a golden, flowing opportunity for this to happen. It won’t take too much effort on your part. In fact, you may feel as if you’ve tapped into something pretty, well, esoteric, really. It’s as if the angels are guiding you. Don’t question it. Go with what’s unfolding. Accept help from wherever it comes. 


This is one of the more romantic weeks of the year for you. Sure, there are a couple of issues that may crop up in your relationships, issues around worthiness or insecurity, for example. Yet, at the same time, there’s forgiveness, and plenty of it. There’s self-love. There’s compassion. You know the signs now, and you’re standing there with your heart wide open, ready to be there for yourself. You’ll also probably be seeing what values are most important to you now, and you’re hopefully doing away with the ones that aren’t. Lastly, remember that sharing is caring this week – within limits. 


A Full Moon in your very own sign means that something important in your world is coming to fruition. It’s likely a relationship matter, or possibly something around embracing your authentic identity. Perhaps the last few months have shown you that you’ve changed, and now’s the time where you can see just how much. As such, the rest of your world may also need to change. Don’t be afraid to release and let go of people and situations that aren’t serving you highest evolution. Or simply set boundaries. It’s your call. 



Relationships look very exciting for you this week. If you're just starting out on the dating scene, then you could find that things happen very unexpectedly – in the most thrilling of ways. You may change your mind quite quickly, too, so be ready for that.  This is perfectly ok, but make sure that you aren’t being too inconsiderate. If you’re in a long-term love, then this week promises to be extremely romantic. Open-hearted conversations are likely to take place right now, which makes you both feel safe and heard.   




Get ready for things to change very quickly when it comes to your family or domestic situation. Maybe a loved one is going back on their word, or maybe they’re coming up with a brand-new, very clever idea. Either way, try and be as flexible as possible – without taking on too much stress. As a fixed sign, you can be guilty of not always compromising, which can halt your progress and even hinder your relationships. If you find that you’re the one that’s changing your mind quickly, be patient with yourself. Maybe avoid making a major decision until this energy has passed.


Neptune and Venus join together this week, reflecting a very compassionate, artistic and loving energy. If you're in a relationship, then go out of your way to show your love. Think of new ways that you can please your partner and make them happy. Don’t worry right now about receiving – the gift really is in the giving right at the moment. If love isn’t on your radar, give that love to something you enjoy doing, something that makes you completely lose track of time.  Get into that flow. 


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