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Birth Chart Talisman + Soul Atlas

Birth Chart Talisman + Soul Atlas

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A bundle with the tools you need to awaken your personal essence & unlock the secrets to the sky (We'll get your needed personal information via email)


The Celestial Book of You

Your Birth Chart is the map of your soul. Now we created your Soul Atlas - a book full of your maps, that tells your story and allows you to register the time and document your unique journey. 200 pages includes your Birth Chart Reading Report, Saturn Cycles Report and Your Ultimate Journal.  

 Birth Chart Talisman

The Ephemeris Talisman is a handcrafted piece of jewelry that carries your unique astrological Birth Chart, to empower and inspire you.

: 18-23” (46.5-60.5cm) unissex adjustable surgical grade stainless steel.
Pendant: 1.1in/28mm sq. high-quality surgical grade stainless steel with a heavy feel.

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