Mercury in Retrograde & Weekly Horoscope | 24 -30 April 2023

Mercury in Retrograde & Weekly Horoscope | 24 -30 April 2023

Okay, Astro-nerds, we know that Mercury retrograde periods are times when the topics ruled by Mercury go, well, upside down. Mercury rules communication, travel, technology and small details. Yet, what we may not always realize is that this is a necessary time of slowing down, reviewing, reflecting and rehashing. In our society, we’re always so ‘go-go-go’, that we seldom take a moment to pump the brakes. That’s what Mercury’s here to help us do, especially in the patient sign of methodical Taurus. So, instead of becoming frustrated, how can we actually embrace these three weeks? How can we make this work for us, instead of against us? How can we tap into the flow of this transit? 

Mercury retrograde in Taurus will highlight the topics of security for us, whether that’s in our love life, finances or living situation. As urgent as the need might be to gain grounding in these areas, we might need to let go and surrender a little. To trust in the prices that’s unfolding for us. Fortunately, Mercury doesn’t make any nasty aspects during his time in backwards motion. In fact, he’ll be casting two sextile aspects – one to Venus and one to Mars, both in the nurturing sign of Cancer. Perhaps this is a sign from the Universe that we need to relax into the being-ness of our bodies. To nourish ourselves. Cooking a delicious meal, cozying up at home and watching reruns of our favorite shows may be exactly what the doctor ordered.


If you wanna dive deeper into this subject and explore the Do’s and Don’ts’s of how we can harness the power of this cosmic energy, click here. Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign:



This week, your ruler, Mars, makes a square aspect to the Wounded Healer, Chiron. This cosmic energy, whilst difficult, may reveal to you exactly what hurts and pains need to be healed. Pay particular attention to whatever may be arising for you in your family dynamics. Something that seems small may actually become a big deal. If you’re feeling triggered, take a moment to notice that, and have some time out. Tend to your inner Child. Soothe your spirit. 


Mercury has officially gone retrograde in your sign, Taurus. What does this mean for you, specifically? Well, it’s actually not too much of a bad thing. All this does is give you an extended time to enjoy his presence. Out of all the signs, you’re the one that’s likeliest to be more communicative, more able to speak your mind. The only issue here, really, is that you may be prone to not exactly listening to the input of others. With this in mind, make a special effort to truly hear


Truthfully, apart from the Mercury retrograde, there’s not much else going on in your Astrological chart this week. Is that a good thing? You bet it is. We all need a little breather in-between these Eclipses, after all. So, take the week to just be. Reflect. Digest. Process. Notice which areas of your world need a little improvement. Put the same discipline and effort into the work that you do, and take on some extra responsibilities. Be behind the scenes for a while. Your time to step into the spotlight will come, eventually. 


Mars is in your sign at the moment, as you may or may not know. Thus, he’s the planet to keep an eye on. This week, he squares Chiron, which may feel a little painful for you. There could be an incident at work, for example, that gets your back up. Perhaps you’re being criticized and it triggers something from your past. You may initially react from his hurt place, rather than taking a step back to assess. If that happens, forgive yourself. After all, none of us are perfect. 

LEO ♌︎

This week, the focus stays smack bang in your career/calling or vocation. Yet, there’s a catch. As much as you might like the spotlight at the moment, circumstances seem to be changing quickly and you may be on the backfoot, just a little. Fortunately, you have the confidence and know-how to recover fast. Maybe you’re not all that adaptable, but you know how to ‘fake it until you make it’. The show must go on, in whatever capacity. If a past situation comes back, take a moment to assess if this is what you truly want.


By now, you know that Mercury is retrograde in your sign. You’re hopefully working with the energy and going with the flow instead of against it. What you have working for you right now is the connection of the Sun to Saturn in your relationship sector. This allows for someone to come into your world – perhaps someone wiser or with more knowledge than you – and teach you something. Or, maybe they simply stabilize you, which is also a gift. Overall, your worldview is shifting, subtly, and it’s important to stay open.


You might get rather swept up in minor details over these next couple of weeks. Particularly details relating to finances. The best cosmic advice is to not rush into anything, especially if there’s another person involved. This may be your partner or a business associate, or even a family member. Even if the deal seems very good, it could be that you come to regret your choices later down the line. Take your sweet time. Get all the facts. Give it at least two weeks. And, above all, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated, even if there are good intentions.


Are you seeing any exes coming back yet? If so, that would be the continuing Mercury retrograde. The question, as always with these things, is whether or not you should be getting back together. Only you know the answer to that, deep down. This may simply be happening just so that you can gain a little closure. Maybe you need answers, and maybe that doesn’t come with a reunion. If there are no signs of an ex reappearing, then simply work on your other primary relationships. The communication there could be lacking.


You may need to backtrack at the moment, and revisit a couple of old projects that you thought were ticked off. Instead of becoming frustrated, how can you see this as an opportunity to refine your work? To learn from your mistakes? Maybe an old job offer has the chance of coming back onto the table, what with this Mercury retrograde going on. Should you take it? Well, with past things and retrogrades, it’s always a good option.


This week, your relationships may take somewhat of a knock. Someone precious to you – a sweetheart or a dear friend – might be feeling more insecure than usual. This insecurity may have them acting out in all kinds of strange ways. It’s up to you not to overreact. You can be calm in the storm right now. You can be the rock. It won’t be said, but you’ll be proud that you held space. You never know – one day, you may need the same kind of treatment.



‘If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. This should be the mantra you carry around with you this week. It’s tempting to shoot your mouth off, but you’ll only end up regretting it. People at work or in your close environment may tempt you to push it, so treat this and an exercise in restraint. Take good care of your own wellbeing and health by channeling any pent-up feelings into an intense physical activity.


Communication may be doubly tricky at the moment, what with the Mercury retrograde moving into this sector of your Astrology chart. Stumbling over your words is going to be the norm, so don’t beat yourself up about it too much. If you’re really struggling, rather write your thoughts down and come back to them at a later stage to gain some clarity. Let your family and friends know that whatever you say right now is probably a little unreliable.

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