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Get Ready to Rumble – Mars Is Going Retrograde!

September 10, 2020

2020 is not over yet. Not by a long shot. We have to keep our armour on and keep fighting the good fight as Mars, the planet of War, goes Retrograde from September 9th until November 13th. You’re probably already feeling it right? 

The anger in the air, the tension. The feeling as if, no matter what wed, we just can’t get ahead. So instead, we might sit here in some frustration, stewing over inaction – when we could be using this time proactively.
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The Madness and Mystery of the 12th House

September 08, 2020

The 12th house. Much maligned, feared and misunderstood in astrology, this house has always had scary connotations, such as “self-undoing”, “addiction”, “bad spirit”, endings, loss and isolation.

It’s understandable, then, why this house is often the most asked about for students new to astrology. Sometimes, at worst, students may even feel victimized by planets in the 12th house, helpless to stop the stream of destruction that seems to issue from this dark and terrifying place.

But what is the 12th house about, really?

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👑 5 Asteroid Goddesses You NEED to Know About & Why 👑

September 03, 2020

Astronomers are always discovering new celestial wonders and astrologers are always documenting and understanding the framework of how to work the magic of these new "beings" into light. After all, Chiron wasn't even discovered until 1977 and Pluto until 1930. The basic components of transformation and healing were only discovered in the past century!

Furthermore, we as a collective continue to rediscover our integration of the divine feminine (once very prominent in ancient types but then suppressed). One such area is asteroid goddesses!

Let's take a look at 5 of these beauties, their archetypes, and why they are important for us to plot in our charts.

Goddess GIF

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♈ Mars in Aries & the Magic of 20 Minutes ♈

August 18, 2020

I don't know about you, but lately I can't seem to get something done from start to finish! Either I feel impatient to last through the whole thing, can't find the time to get to it, or just feel plumb frustrated by how slow or monotonous the task feels. Sometimes it has me feeling like…

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Venus Moves into Cancer! Love Me Tender...

August 11, 2020

On 7th August, 2020, Venus, planet of love, beauty and creativity, moves from airy Gemini into sensitive Cancer.

She’s been visiting Gemini for quite some time and even went Retrograde in this intelligent sign – and she finally shifts her focus into the more empathetic sign of Cancer. Sure, we had fun when Venus had her fun in social Gemini, but now she wants something a little more….personal.

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Hear Me Roar: Mercury Enters Leo!

August 04, 2020

On the 4th of August 2020, Mercury finally moves out of watery Cancer, where he’s made his home for absolutely forever, into fiery Leo! This is oh-so-exciting, especially for those of us who have felt, well, bogged down of late mentally.

Mercury in Leo gives us a time where we are uber-positive and looking on the bright side!


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What Kind of Angel Are You? 👼 ASTRO QUIZ

July 28, 2020

Let's get into another bountiful astrology quiz!

Adriana Lima Model GIF

To play, identify which of these statements below you MOST agree with. Pick your top ONE and then two and three (just for fun).

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Leo Season 2020 – your ultimate guide

July 21, 2020

Move over Cancer! Leo Season has landed with a bang! Fire follows water, and emotionally, we are feeling so much more positive and action-oriented!

From 22 Jul until 23 August, Leo is the sign that rules the heavens. Why? Well, the Sun move into this proud and warm sign. The Sun is, arguably, the most important “planet” in astrology, signifying the center of our solar system, and also, our own center – our soul, so to speak.

Hence, collectively, all of us can “feel” the shift in consciousness.


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🛡️ What Kind of Warrior Are You? 🛡️ ASTRO QUIZ

July 09, 2020

I thought it would be super fun to dive into our warrior-goodness in this blog post. My Your Princess Style blog post was a big success and a fun way to explore your Natal Venus. In this blog post, we will have some fun with Mars.
To play, identify which of these statements below you MOST agree with. Pick your top ONE and then two and three (just for fun)

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Empty Houses in Astrology – What Do They Mean?

July 02, 2020

So, you’re a student of Astrology. You’re either self-taught, or you’ve had a few basic classes here and there – and, of course, you’ve done a workshop or two!

You finally “get” what Houses are all about – they are the places where things happen. The planets describe the what of life (i.e. Venus = your relationships), and the signs, aspects and elements the how (i.e. Venus in Cancer is how you behave in said relationship).

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Manifesting Your Best Life With The Moon Phases

June 26, 2020


New Moon. Full Moon. Manifest. Release. These are phrases that anyone with a basic interest in the cosmos and astrology knows, right? Maybe you have a favorite astrologer or website that you subscribe to for your Moon fix, and perhaps you’ve gone as far as making up your own cool rituals for these powerful cosmic times.

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Eclipses – What’s the Big Deal?

June 04, 2020

If you’re an Astrology buff, the chances are high that you’ve probably come across a lot of Eclipse talk! They always seem to have the same kind of line: “Big shifts are coming”, “Time to transform” or “Get ready for change!”.

These kinds of headlines are true, to some degree or another. Eclipses are big, and they do bring about transformation and shifts. They are just as dramatic as they say, and they are often associated with some kind of crisis and growth.

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